OK, so over the years I have gathered together  a great group of star car owners and many of them have brought their famous full size “hotwheels” out to many events, helped various charities, and had a lot of fun in the process!  But what about those OTHER cars?  What about those famous cars on starcarcentral.com that never seem to be at any events?  Well here’s the story!

When I started StarCarCentral.com, my main desire was to root out all those famous cars that were drivable, and could be insured and on the road, so we could gather together at special events, and swap stories, and share our crazy hobbies.  But in the course of doing this, I found a lot of hidden treasures, half built, being restored, not quite done cars, that I just had to add to the club even though I knew that it would be a long time before they could join us in person with their wheels.   So here are some photos and updates on a few of the famous cars that are waiting in the wings that WILL be joining us in the near future!

The first catagory of “almost” cars is the “EBP” everything but paint group, which means really they have to paint their cars, and THEN put them all back together, but really we have two notable cars in this catagory that should be driving to events THIS year.   

First is the ECTO-1 Ghostbuster ambulance.   Sean has been working and working and paying and paying, and it is near completion. 

Who ya gonna call? SEAN!

Next up, and I have seen photos of it with PAINT on it, is CHRISTINE the killer Stephen King car!


Martin met up with is at Cruisin for a cure with out a car last year, I am hopeful that Christine will debut with us

sometime this year!  He also brought out his Terminator Motorcycle to Riverside for a walk for Foster kids!

Then for the fans of early Black and White TV, the Highway Patrol show starred Broderick Crawford, and

Gary is closing in on finishing his police car from that show.

highwaypatrolwith actor

great race fate

Jerry,  friend of the SCC aquired one of the original screen used professor fate Hannibal Eight cars,

but as you can imagine, this one will not be driving down the 405 with us any time soon!   Sure wish we

could get it to an event, it would knock the socks off of any crowd!

Jaguar Austin Powers E-type and XK8 Convertible

We are hot on the trail of the owners of an Austin Power’s “Shaguar” and hope they will join up this summer


Also I managed to get ahold of the nice folks at Galpin Ford custom car people, and there is a DRAGULA that again, is not exactly street legal, but may be able to show up for special charities in the coming year.

munsters dragula grandpa


Our old pal Joe Rios has been promoted and can schedule time off to join us with his very popular Scooby Doo van so we hope to see him

back with us at more events, maybe the Pasadena Police one coming up? Huh Joe?  🙂


In the “starting stage” Luis from the Knights of the West Coast, has put his KITT Knight Rider on hold, long enough to

put together a Punisher replicar…  as goes so many of these pet projects, it’s all about time and money now….!

rat patrol

Will we ever see Tim’s RAT PATROL JEEP?   Well, I did, at my old Church Rolling Hills Covenant, and found out he also has a POWER WAGON but didn’t

go for the Simon and Simon paint job, and his jeep isn’t the right jeep for rat patrol…. I told him we wouldn’t tell, just bring it out!   Barry (robocop and othercop)

just informed me he also has a Rat Patrol jeep, but with Barry, he can only drive one car, lets all encourage him to bring his Robocop or Rat patrol Jeep to events this year!


On the upside, we went from NO KITTS in California to be found, to one, then two, and  now about FIVE in various stages of completion, and we can look forward to seeing a KITT at most events in the comming years!   The Knights of the West Coast came aboard, and Alex, Luis, Dan, Nick etc. have been trading off shows to make sure that “El Carro Fantastico!” aka Knight Rider’s KITT will be represented at the future charity events that the Star Car Central members  attend!


Mark T. due to a busy schedule is making slow progress on the Black Beauty, finding parts, and people who can advance the project while juggling all of his other hobbies, ideas, jobs is always tricky.  Not sure when we will see Mark with us with a car, but when we have an event near by, he’s always happy to show up and share some progress photos!  PAINT IT! DRIVE IT!  (I say that to all the star car owners who aren’t done….)

general lees!!!!!

We don’t have quite this many General Lee’s but I can’t figure out why with about 6 cars in Los Angeles, we can’t get ONE to show up now and then!

Get some A/C in those things, or tough it out, I drive with no A/C, no ROOF, no VENTS, and Brian in Horace may have a roof, but he has been taking SURFACE STREETS

due to visability problems to get to events! I am calling you out, DUKE BOYS!  🙂

batmobile keaton tribute

Oh yeah, and so you don’t think I am not talking to myself as well, my project will be getting some attention this summer, with trips to the secret location in the coming months! 

Lots of boring grinding, welding, and dirty work has to be done, before I can get to anything fun, but I finished my welding class, so look out! Slow progress ahead!

(Anyone have any metal they want to donate? Firewall? Structural? I am NOT kidding?!   Anyone know how to do Air lifts? 

The Addition of a KITT to “nate Truman’s star Car central.com ” home collection (again, that key word thing for my son) slowed my progress on the dash for the “monster in the back yard” as my Mother calls it, but now that KITT is close to being road worthy, my focus will return to my long term project!

One last new find, is a great TV car, that wasn’t on TV!  Thanks to famous Dicast.com and Jason,  we Connected with the owner of the Charlie’s Angels one of a Kind van, that is here in Los Angeles!   


Check out the whole story here!


Next UP:

More event updates, and lost star cars around the country…


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