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City of Hope Pediatric Cancer Picnic – Mickey Mouse, Darth Vader, Batmobile and Star Cars all in one place!

Where else can you get a free train ride and  see Mickey  and Minnie Mouse, Darth Vader, Batman and Catwoman, the Batmobile, Herbie the Love bug, Get Smart’s Machine gun toting tiger sunbeam, all while supporting the City of Hope’s Pediatric Cancer families?  Only one place!  Each year the City of Hope has a special themed picnic and invite the patients and friends and families of people who have gone through their doors at the Hospital Pediatric Cancer ward.    Nate Truman’s and many other groups all pitched in to put on a great and fun event for everyone.

calling all heros!

calling all heros!

If you haven’t been there, you need to go to ride the trains, they give rides on trains every Sunday, and once a month the Disney Barn is open, with lots of great history from the start of Disneyland, and Walt’s early backyard trains, that started the whole idea!


los angeles live steamers

los angeles live steamers

Right next to the Travel Town Boneyard of full sized trains, is the live steamers park.  if you live in Los Angeles, you should spend at least one day seeing their amazing trains and park, that many volunteers have built over the years.  Make a donation even though the rides are free, and keep the park open for future visitors!
Mickey checking Herbie's engine
Mickey Mouse checks out fellow Disney star Herbie’s engine, please pay no attention to the black car in the back!
city of hope batmobile
Lots of superhero’s showed up to take photos with the kids and their families, and the batmobile!  Shazam Jr.
is in the front right, then Green Lantern, Jason Todd aka Robin, Catwoman, Batgirl, and Batman.  Iron Man
had to put some marvel comic  into the all DC shot!  🙂
That's better! DC hero's... ACTION POSE!

That's better! DC hero's... ACTION POSE!

Scott and Vicky Sebring always bring lots of smiles when they appear as their favorite costumed heroes, and new “cosplay” pals showed up for this special event!
photos with heros
After a while, so many hero’s showed up, that most photos you couldn’t see there was a pretty cool batmobile behind them!
batmobile nate truman
See? There it is…
IRON MAN? Seriously, What the heck? Great costume, but dude, this is DC land, and you sir, you are marvel!  Go find Spiderman to pose with!
get smart sunbeam tiger behind the batmobile
Back behind the Hero’s and the batmobile, was Sue’s Get Smart Sunbeam Tiger, but without her Don Adam’s agent 86 stand up, or her Get Smart Impersonator, only the true blue fans that tended to be 40 or older, admired her machine gun and new closed circuit TV.
Picture 007
get smart TV screen
Kids and adults had fun seeing each other on the TV screen inside the Get Smart Car!
The Joker!
No matter how strict you enforce the guest list, some JOKER always get’s past the gate! 🙂  Actually this is one
of the City of Hope medical professionals, getting into the spirit of the event!  Looks like Jack Nicholson!
Super Hero's and Herbie
Sure, you guys let HERBIE into the photo, but when it’s the Batmobile….
Batman and Mousegirl!

Batman and Mousegirl!

I spent the day with Sue “Get Smart” and Minnie Mouse, and some friends from TV shows I used to work on at Weller Grossman Productions.

Cam and Brandy showed up near the end, and I got to blame Brandy in PERSON for starting the process of me ending up with my Knight Rider
Car KITT!     A fun time was had by all, and as I was up front and Obi-Shawn was back with Herbie, I don’t a SINGLE shot of his car, or any of the
many star wars characters who showed up as they were busy posing for photos with his star wars car!
R2D2 car
The photo printers were working all day, as the City of Hope volunteers were taking photos of everyone who wanted one!
iron man and batmobile 
OK, FINE Iron Man, you can pose with the car!  🙂   
There’s something you don’t see every day…. wait, there’s something you have NEVER SEEN BEFORE! 🙂  Now that I look at it,
that “hot rod Red” paint goes well with the batmobile! 
The theme for next year’s picnic hasn’t been revealed, but if we fit, Nate Truman’s members will be there!  
Mustangs, Rockford Files Original Car FOUND, and more famous movie and TV car fun!

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