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KITT knight Rider brought back to life….

Hey Star car fans,

One of my first jobs in Hollywood was a tour guide at Universal studios, and for a short time I was also the voice of KITT on the back lot in the early eighties while the show was still in production.


years go by, and I sit my son in the same car at Universal, with some other guy doing the voice of KITT but I was on a quest to get the TV batmobile, so it was just a fun memoriy to sit in KITT again, this time witn my little boy.

Well that boy if off to college now and I have had my tv style batmobile for almost 10 years,

and I needed a new daily driver to get me to work and back. I figured, hey, why not a KITT? It has lots of stuff my batmobile doesn’t that I want in a daily driver like A/C, windows, a roof when it rains, wiper blades when it rains, a lower profile so people don’t wave and take your photo so much, A/C, vents, A/C did I mention Air Conditioning? and a ROOF? Anyway, after much negotiation, KITT is now in my backyard with my batmobile, and they are getting to know each other.

I am working my way through all the Knight Rider Episodes looking for details, and discovering that they were very fast and loose with dashes and panels so making an accurate KITT is impossible, as even the screen used cars weren’t the same from show to show, and often even used two cars in the same episode that had different dashes!

My son got a little bigger since the last time he sat in a KITT!

A few wires to figure out and trouble shoot before kitt is back on the road….

This KITT was built by Dan Morgan “Knight” in the 90’s, about when I was building my batmobile, then it made it’s way to California and to the SCA thanks to Jason “Knight”.

So with the help of a F.L.A.G. operative Alex, KITT should be on the road soon! (Foundation for Law and Government, for those who aren’t fans of KR! )

Now if you are in southern California this weekend the Star Car Association will be at the Pumpkin Festival in Calabasass

come by and say HI to some new members and our new SCA KITT OWNER, Alex! Also the DEATHRACE hero Mustang will be making it’s first appearance with the SCA!!

So how will I get my new car around the Batmobile, and the minivan to get to work?

That’s easy, just like THIS!

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