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Nate Truman’s in the Hollywood Christmas Parade 2012

The biggest group of movie and TV star cars ever assembled for a parade in the world!


StarCarCentral news update! Wally Wingert gets his Torino, and SCC Australia has a big event! NEXT: 20+ starcars under one roof at Frank N Sons this Saturday NOV 20th! Batmobile, KITT and many more!

Hey StarCar fans! Just a quick update on news around the star car world!  My pal Wally Wingert who you may know from his many voice over characters and the Jay Leno show, has been hunting for his own starcar for some time now!  Well he joined the ranks of the star car owners and his new car is a beauty!

Wally Wingert gets his Starsky and Hutch Torino finally!

Joe Simiana sent a video of the Austrailian gathering of Star Cars, take a look!

Star car gatherings and shows are popping up all over!

Don’t forget, this Saturday, NOV 20th over 20 star cars will be available to get a photo with at the Frank n sons show!


Cruising for a Cure 2009 Nate Truman & Charger Steve Movie and TV star car pals unite!

Bomber%20girl2Another great gathering of star cars from movie and TV were on display for the 2009 crusing for a cure car show last weekend.
To support Prostate Cancer research, and to get lots of guys tested (including a few from our group this time!) we all got in our star cars and drove to the Orange County fairgrounds for the USA’s largest one day car show event.

Charger Steve came from San Diego with his first time BTTF Delorian conversion patterened after the first movie,
and Steve brought a long a few new SD pals, Lee – who bought his General Lee,
Mike with his “Tow Mater” tow truck,
and then a nice pile of the Hollywood Star cars fron!

Alex was kind enough to go the extra miles and drop “hoff” his KITT right next to Brian’s Horace the Hate bug! Back in Black, BABY!
We all kept an eye on Jennifer who was well behaved with the remote controls, and polished KITT properly all day! See Alex? That’s me videotaping her from the other side, so you can review her polishing style later and give her a report on how she did!

Brian upped his display with a new dvd loop of Horace in the movie, and a cool targeting scanner and pistol grip for shooting a certain white VW!
Jerry brought his Herbie for a nice set of “marshmellows” one fresh, one burnt!
Lou and Lynda got V.I.P. parking in a solo spot across from the rest of us….
and rounding out the star cars is the NOT a Barris Batmobile – world famous Fireball Run afterburning Natemobile!
I resurected the sign from the world con, (after finding it behind some stuff in my garage….) OK so I guess I could work on my display….
As usual, lots of people and fans were happy to see their favorite cars!
As it was a LOT COOLER this year, we actually did take a lap, but without Jennifer’s puppydog urging, we might not have! We finally got in our cars, fired them up and took off!!!!… at zero to 2 miles an hour!
To keep up the tradition, we drove past Barris’ booth again, and he wasn’t there, but we got a fun shout out from the Barris workers and Joji!
The Bat and Towmater moved over to the other side with Lou and let the world cool down a bit (and the cars!)

Our little “herd of cats” wandered too and fro, I had lunch with Lou and Lynda and Jason (Free refils! Next year I am there early!)
Jerry and his pal and Brian talked Herbies, then Brian smiled ear to ear when he got to trigger KITT for a while, until Alex’s internal sensors picked up that Jennifer and Brian were playing with the remotes too much, and an Automated text was sent to get them in line!

BULLIT owner Dave Kunz parked with us for a spell, but he’s got too many car shows to cover as a reporter, so he popped in and it was great hearing his stories and then he was off to the next event!
As long as we get these parking spots, I think there will be some cool star cars at Crusin for a cure 2010 and beyond!


Batmobile at Monster Jam!

Not just the batmobile, but the biggest meet of the Star Car Association to date! More info always on the main original website!

batmobile and monster truck

Jan. 12th the Hollywood Star Cars were in force on display outside and INSIDE the Anaheim Arena as part of Monster Jam Truck show.  A total of three shows, next week in San Diego, and then the following week in Phoenix (Just the Batmobile and Gotham PD will be in Phoenix FYI) Check out the BAT TRUCK driver’s site

Cars in attendance: 66 Batmobile, Back to the Future Delorean, Herbie the Love Bug, Horace the HATE bug, Magnum P.I.’s Ferrari, Starsky and Hutch Torino, General Lee, Rosco’s Police car, and Daisy Dukes truck  from Dukes of Hazzard, Mad Max’s Interceptor, the show winning “RodRiguez” and even “Norburts” car made it’s first appearance with the SCA.  Stop by this weekend Jan 19th and meet the owners in San Diego, or on the 26th in Phoenix!
Check out the photos!


batmobile star car guys

Also check out Brian’s blog about the event!  MORE PHOTOS OF ALL THE CARS!

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