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A new Batmobile in London?

He is the iconic Caped Crusader who has starred in comic books, television series and film franchises for the last 70 years.

Now Batman is making his stage debut in one of the most lavish theatrical productions ever to appear in London, at The O2 arena. Gotham City will be brought to life in Batman Live, with a huge stage lit up by a dazzling display of pyrotechnics and special effects.

Today the villains that Batman and sidekick Robin will face during the show were unveiled as the Joker, Riddler, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman. Creative director Anthony Van Laast, who has worked on West End shows and Hollywood movies including the latest Harry Potter, said: “It’s got stunts, it’s got Batman flying, it’s a big lavish spectacular – this is going to be a really good piece of theatre.”

The Dark Knight will be helped by a brand new Batmobile created by Formula One designer Professor Gordon Murray, which will drive on to the stage before skidding to a halt.

A 100ft screen shaped like a bat will act as a backdrop for the special effects, and characters will be able to fly around the set thanks to a grid suspended above the stage. It will also include an action sequence where the Joker tries to escape in a hot air balloon, only to be shot down in flames.

The story of Batman Live follows the young Dick Grayson, a circus performer whose parents are murdered, and how he becomes Batman’s sidekick

It will tour the world for five years!

For more details go to

But batman the musical idea has been around a while, and even was featured in one of the Batman:The animated series episodes!

Take a look! One of my favorite clips!


Can you design the next batmobile urban assault vehicle?

Here’s a challenge for all the builders that want a chance to design something along the lines of a functional batmobile, or futuristic version of today’s HUMMER.

If you ever wanted to design a super car loaded with as many weapons and tools as you could imagine (think your own personal Batmobile), now is finally your chance. Not only do you get an opportunity to design the craziest vehicle you can dream up and see it built in real life, but you can also win up to $7,500 in prize money from the Pentagon’s research branch, DARPA.

There are a few simple rules that you do have to keep in mind though:

  • The vehicle has to use “tubular steel chassis with existing GM LS3 V8 powertrain,” which is the steel frame pictured below.
  • Has to carry up to five passengers, including up to three people lying down.
  • It’s got to carry up to 1,200 lbs and tow up to 4,000 lbs

As long as you follow the three rules above, you can get as creative as you want with your design. Thinking of stealing some ideas from the Transformers movie? How about jet propulsion and speedboat ability? Go for it. DARPA is open to all suggestions. Submissions are to be in before March 3, 2011.

body 300x75 Ever Wanted to Design a Military Supercar?

To find out more information and submit your designs, click here.

I have a chassy ready to go, but I don’t think it will seat 5 people even if they are lying down!


Batmobile History through the years!


My netpal Bill has done a great service to all the batfans, he has documented and collected everything ever built or called a “Batmobile” in the comics, movies and TV and put them in order!   I want to thank Bill so below is his home page write up of his quest! Years ago Bill  gave me credit years ago for some info on the 66 batmobile and I managed to send him a few batmobiles he didn’t know about yet, I don’t think that’s possible now!!  So if you think you can send him something he DOESN’T know about the batmobile, check out his site or read his write up below about why he did it!

Batman first appeared in May of 1939 in Detective Comics #27, and although the first true Batmobile did not appear for another two years, it has become one of the Dark Knight’s best known weapons.

The Batmobile made its career debut in Batman #5, then appeared on a comic cover for the first time for Batman #20. Because of different artists’ interpretations of what the car should be, it changed size, shape, and features frequently. Later, as the car was marketed beyond the comics, more forms appeared based on practical or aesthetic considerations. In the 1960s, the first full size, fully operational Batmobile was built for the TV show Batman, and had to face financial and functional questions. A few years later the design of this car would be modified for use in the Superfriends cartoon series, with the unique considerations of making a car that could be easily drawn repeatedly for animation. Then, nearly three decades after the TV series, Batman returned to live action with Warner Brothers Batman movies. At about the same time, Batman: The Animated series came out, with a whole new take on the design of Batman and his universe. All of this was on top of the natural evolution of the car over 60+ years, taking into account new technological features like the jet engine and the computer.

I started collecting data on the Batmobiles a few years ago while trying to research a model project I was working on (you can visit my scale model site here). I discovered that there were very few reference guides to the Batmobile, and none of them covered the complete history of the car. Many focused only on a single generation (such as the Futura Batmobile), or they covered a particular genre (TV, cartoons, movies, etc.). As I collected information from all of these sources, I decided to put together my own history of the Batmobile.

Before I started this project, I had no idea how convoluted the history of the Batmobile could be. Over the last decade I have learned more about the car, the creators behind it, and Batman in general than I ever expected. Still, there’s a lot that I haven’t learned yet. If you know of anything that belongs here, or if you have any information on an existing entry, send me an e-mail at”

You can also send any cool Batmobile art or designs to me at


2010 Camarillo Christmas Parade brings out the STAR cars!

You may have seen a police car in your rear view mirror at some point, but I think this is the first time Herbie the Love bug has almost been pulled over by Starsky and Hutch!

Once again Nate Truman’s gang gathered to participate in the Camarillo Christmas parade! We were almost rained out last time, but this time it was practically a trouble free event!

We all lined up in the morning and most everyone found the starting line, Alex and Oscar decided to go to the end of the parade first! Eventually we were all in place ready to start the parade! Sue even came with out her Get Smart Sunbeam to support the SCC! She got to ride in Bumblebee for her efforts!

Alex and Oscar finally found the right end of the parade, and all was fine, until we started up the cars to get moving down the street!  I looked back and saw Lou’s hood of his Starsky and Hutch Torino up, and Alex getting out some jumper cables!

Is Kitt Jumping Starsky and Hutch, or the other way around?

Another first for the day, we have all had to get a jump to start a car at some point, but have you ever seen KITT from Knight Rider and the Torino from Starsky and Hutch helping each other out?

I assumed Lou’s car needed a jump, I went back to check and heard it running, so ran back to my A-Team van as the parade was moving!

With Lou’s car up and running, Jason kept snapping photos, and found a few Cheerleaders who wanted a shot with John’s Bumblebee Camaro!  I think Bumblebee is smiling!

StarCars, Let's ROLL! Alex? ALEX?!?!

So we got the signal to start rolling, and we all start moving out, except Alex in his KITT from Knight Rider!  What? He never, NEVER breaks down.  Alex is always over prepared!  Should we leave KITT and take Alex? Leave Alex behind? Where’s Devon and Bonnie and the big Knight Rider Truck when you need them?


So the parade moves out, and so do we! Luckily the parade wasn’t moving too fast!  We inched forward, and while we waited to join the main parade, Alex had a talk with KITT and convinced him it would be good to start at this time.  KITT agreed, and joined the line up at the last minute!

Starsky and Hutch being followed by the A-Team?

Everyone lined up based on the age of the show they were from, oldest to newest!

"I love it when a VAN comes together!"

Herbie led the group today,  as the theme was “Christmas through the Decades”!  Even though The Love Bug has been in movies and TV shows spanning 50 years, the first movie  was from the 60’s so Jason was up first!

Herbie Rocks!

We could have had the Batmobile for the 60’s too, but I needed more seats for my kids “aka” Banner holders- so I brought my A-Team van instead!  The 70’s was all Starsky and Hutch,

No ticket for Herbie today! It's Lou!

and the 80’s were represented by The A-Team van, KITT, and Magnum P.I.

Is that Tom Selleck taking a photo of a guy taking a photo?

And bringing up the 2000’s was Bumble Bee from the Transformer movies!

As each car drives by, its fun to watch the faces light up as they recognize some old friends!  Each car has its fans, some people get it wrong (pointing at KITT) “It’s the Batcar!”  and the littlest kids stare blankly at all of us, then point to the end and scream “BUMBLEBEE!  Mom’s it’s bumblebee!”

Magnum P.I. and the A-Team working together? "I pity the fool they are after!"

It’s always fun to bring smiles to fans of our cars and it’s also fun to get together afterward and swap stories too!  A fun Christmas get together at a secret location where another starcar lies in wait to rise from the ashes, and a trip to see the long awaited Black Beauty near by topped off a fun star car day!

Next up, The BLACK BEAUTY!




10 lines up famous movie and tv cars for downs syndrome event for DSALA

Each year the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles puts on a Buddy Walk and Festival, and Nate Truman’s line up was there to support the cause!  Only one thing was missing, me! AKA NATE!  Luckily,  the SSC is not about one person, it’s about a team of great star car owners who will come out with their cool famous movie and tv cars to support charities around Los Angeles!

KITT from Knight RiderMagnum P.I. Ferrari, Back to the Future Delorean, Ratchet  right next to Bumblebee from the Transformers, and Herbie all showed up to support all the folks at DSALA!

SCC members Alex, Oscar, Paul, Jason, Jon and Brian all arrived early and lined up somehow with out their fearless leader!?!?  How is that possible?  Oh right, they are all veterans of many similar events we have done over the last seven years!

Of course, this was the first time a mini Thunderbird Jet showed up, and gave rides!   I think all the guys wanted a turn!  I bet  a jet plane would give the horses at Santa Anita a run for their money!

But wait, I know what you are thinking, if Nate Truman’s not there, then there was no Batmobile!  HA!

Even though he won an Academy Award my secret weapon comes out a few times a year, with HIS batmobile!  Tom Woodruff came later but the boys saved a place for him right in front!

After the walk and festival ended, a once in a lifetime photo op happened!  All the guys went out to a local Sonic and managed to get every stall on the same side, for one of the coolest starcar photos in a long time!  That’s what I get for missing an event!

Now we have to turn that into a poster!  Too cool!   Next up, the next day, AUTISM Walk at Anaheim stadium!  Still no NATE!

If you want to attend or support DSLA next year, just check out their website at DSLA


Shaggy Dog Herbie, General Lee Charger, and Delorean S’mores!

June 13 at the Burbank Road Kings show, Paul BTTF Delorean and Jason parked together and later Brian and Robo-Herbie showed up to put a “marshmallow” on either side of the flux capacitor time machine.

The Early herbie gets the girls!

Sue (Get Smart) came out to see everyone now that she is back on her feet and it was great for a few of the SCC guys to see Sue, we missed her!
Sue brought over some good news, when she arrived she told Jason that a General Lee was parked on the other side of the show! Paul and
Jason went to investigate.

Dave Joseph’s General Lee is awesome! Jason and Paul were excited to see this and of course we extended an invite to join Star Cars future events!

Jason worked on the Sandford and Son truck owner again, and hopefully we will see some changes to this classic truck! 🙂

Jason stayed and had a crossgeeking moment when a Shaggy Dog wanted a picture with his Herbie. “The Shaggy Love Bug D.A.?”
After the show a Yellow Camaro cruised by, and made Jason's day as the hope of spotting future starcars and meeting other starcar owners keeps us all looking!

Brian came late and then left with Paul to go attend and perform at SPM KITT owner Jennifer’s Party for her daughter.

Tomorrow, a Back to the Future Delorean you can hit with a stick, and LOTS and lots of Ferraris!


Holy Swirl Marks, BATMAN! Team Meguiars continue…

Re: Batman Car Extreme Makeover – Pictures & Comments

Before starting the paint polishing process we tackled some of the other areas that needed attention like the interior… Ryan and Nick roll up their sleeves and dive right…

The Roll-down Dash was all hand fabricated and very very cool! (New Car Manufacture take note).

We’ll see if a little polishing work with brighten it up little to showcase the craftsmanship that was required to recreate the original dash…


The left side is original, the right side is polished.



Time to do the other side…

Mike Phillips
Meguiar’s Online Administrator
Cell: 949-533-0225
Please post questions to the forum, please don’t send them to me in an e-mail or a Private Message. My e-mail is in my signature for forum emergencies, not for sending questions, the idea of the forum is to join and post your questions to the forum. Thank you –Mike Phillips

Two days of pro-polishing

A snug fit in the Meguiar’s Batcave!

Anytime you can remove any trim or other components before machine cleaning and polishing it’s a good idea to do so. Here Nick removes the Bat Antenna.

Follow the whole story over on their site!


Well, I actually got contacted to write the story for a magazine, but on the condition that I don’t post it or sell it anywhere else, so SORRY! Stay tuned, if it doesn’t pan out I will just post the rest here. Who’d a thunk it? The 1966 Batmobile will return!
Kinda weird!8o

Star Car Central



Well, like every day of this race, including a few after, I didn’t sleep well, and woke up early. My mind racing, calculating all the different ways I could get the car home, if I couldn’t find the shut off problem, deciding what to do while watching the weather channel and seeing a storm front headed to Oklahoma City, my eyes popped open and I was up. So while Christopher slept, I left him a note and went down to the front desk. I sat through the meeting for the guys headed to the race track (you had to be race certified, roll bars, helmet and insurance to take the cars on the track) watched those that were racing go off to the track.

The front desk lady said there was a firestone place right next door that worked on her car all of the time, and it was walking distance. I called and told them of my problems (rubbing tires in the back from cutting my springs and not installing air shocks), sudden shut off of the engine, etc.) and they said they could fix me up. So down to the garage I went, took off the cover, drove it to the place less than a block away, and cleaned out the car in the humid heat.


I was dripping sweat every time we got ready to leave, just organizing stuff behind the seats and getting set for the day due to the heat and humidity! So I leave the car with a list of safety items to check. It was running fine, but after that mysterious shut off, I wanted a mechanic to go over it, and check my brakes as they were acting weird, not that I used them much!

Once the car was squared away, I took a walk over to a Walgreen’s and got a LOT of drinks to rehydrate us. 2 kinds of Gatorade, Orange juice, Diet coke, and a few extras, batteries for the camera, Blistex and an ice bucket that was a great idea that helped us keep cool water in the car longer. Before I bought it, we were drinking hot or warm water all day! No time to stop for a cool drink on this rally!
The rest of the day in Huston was great. We drank and drank and drank, to get our kidneys working again. We had missed breakfast so we had the same great burger for an early lunch. We went to the pool and Jacuzzi, worked out in the gym, and went to the mall. Got Chris a haircut, and then had dinner at Chili’s.

A much needed day of rest was great, and Chris and I had a great time, expecting to pick up our car at 7 pm with everything fixed up. What all had to be fixed? Well, the electronic ignition control had over heated, and had never been replaced since I bought the car as a donor, so that was what shut us down the day before. Then I had asked them to flush the brake system, they did and found that two of the brake lines also from 1979 had partially collapsed, and so two of the brakes were not always working. I knew that something was wrong based on how it braked. They also replaced the rear cylinders that were leaking, also 79 original parts that I had never replaced. Then the rear tires were getting cut every time I hit a bump so they installed air shocks in the back, and raised it up, and solved that. Also a problem I was aware of and a solution I had figured I would do, but I put it off when I was just driving to closeby car shows, but with 2500 miles in front of me I figured I should do it now as I had no spare tire! A blowout would be a big time loss and could damage the car, so it was cheaper to put in the rear air shocks. Dig em!

So Chris and I wander over to pick up the car at closing time, and the car is up on the rack. More problems? They had done all the work, but when taking it for a test drive, they couldn’t get it in reverse!

Back on the rack we discovered that the shift cable that a mechanic pal had installed melted due to sitting on the manifold while I tore across a third of the USA. It also needed two front tires as a steering rod had been bent, and worn away the insides of both front tires over the last 1000 high speed miles. They looked brand new from the outside, but the car is so low that unless it was up on a rack, you would never know! So change of plans #1253! We left the car, I told them to replace the front tires (asked for Futuras, but now I am half Firestone, the original tires the #1 wore and 1/2 Futuras!) and fix the bent rod, and find me a shift cable. Now we were in trouble, as the fireballers were taking off at 7 am the next morning, and all of our pre-paid hotels and meals would be going off in the distance with them! We decided to go back to the pool and cool off, and see what happened the next day. Fell asleep watching the weather channel, and a big storm front moving towards Dallas and Oklahoma City! (Sorry, no photos from this day, didn’t think to get a shot of the great guys who worked on my car! I sent them a toy batmobile and n8mobile shirt when I got home!)

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