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is it the Nemo car or Nautilus-mobile? Nemo mobile? League of Extraordinary Gentlemen car? I just call it AMAZING!

Cobbled together by Nate Truman

I have been following many star car builds over the years, and one of the most exciting and ambitious is Ken Freeman’s scratchbuilt replica of the Nemo car from “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” which took him nearly five years to build.

The original movie car designed by Carol Spier, who also penned Captain Nemo’s Nautilus for the movie, is the four-door six-wheeled fiberglass-bodied 22-foot-long Nemo car (Nautilus car too, but NOT the Nemomobile) was built on a Land Rover fire tender chassis with an extra axle up front and a Land Rover V-8 engine for power, a removeable hardtop, and elaborate Hindu decoration, particularly on the front and interior of the car. Two were reportedly built for the production, though the studio fitted one of the two with extensive rigging for interior shots.

nemo screen car


Here is a shot from the film, with one of the two original cars built for the film.

The Nemo car used in filming has since been sold at auction, and here is what it looked like before the sale.

Rather than a Land Rover, Freeman started with a pair of 1979 Cadillac Fleetwood limousines which he then combined into one chassis, powered by a Cadillac V-8 and Turbo-Hydramatic 400 automatic transmission driving the rear wheels!

double axle

Like the original, the body that Freeman built for the car was made from fiberglass, though his measures 24 feet long and a little narrower than the original at 102 inches. The decorative work he created himself first by sculpting it out of Spanish clay, then taking molds and casting the end result “in aluminum filled resins and cold-cast plated in aluminum and pewter, and further trimmed in bronze, brass, and 18k gold.  This is truly an accomplishment in workmanship and attention to details.  A tremendous project and well executed!




Ken Freeman is a body shop owner from West End, North Carolina.  He put about 6,500 hours of work into the car—which he calls the Spirit of Nemo—over the last 4-1/2 years, interrupted at one point by a fire in his shop! Undaunted, he recently finished the car, calling it “more art than automobile” and claiming it to be the first and only replica of the Nemo car.  I sure wish he lived in Hollywood, so we could do starcar events together, I hope to see his amazing work of art someday, but until then I will just have to stare at the photos and marvel at the amount of work he did to drive his dream car! Congrats Ken!  

Here’s a short video to see it in action, and hear from Ken himself!



Star cars we need to find….

The banshee, love it!

Well here you go, the last of my star car posts for a while, so after this, back to batmobiles.

KITT 2000, the original concept car is seriously cool inside!

below, a montage of the shots that got me interested in getting the group together.

Batmobiles, Movie Cars, and George Barris oh my!

Batgirl’s cycle I think it’s pretty cool, she can park with us!

the bat tank is always welcome

Judge Dredd?  really cool, it’s welcome as long as it doesn’t run over my car.

streethawk.  it’s in Australia, but any repros out there?

Well, we can park this on the end…..

Hey hey there’s a mold out there…..

Expensive, way too expensive…..

anyone want to screw up their Cord?  Doc Savage fans out there?

Wants 75 grand for it, any buyers?

any batmobile is welcome….

My brother’s black beauty at a car show a while ago, he has two

donor cars….

this is welcome too…..

If I could find this (barris said it was crushed) that would be SWEET!!!

Super Pursuit mode…..

we saw this all ready, but it looks so great!

This is out of Los Angeles, now in San Fran….

Oh yeah, this was CRAZY cool!  Nemomobile!!

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