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Concept cars and dream cars, sometimes turn into Star Cars!

Concept cars have always had a place in my automotive heart, as they were works of art and design first, and practical vehicles second. Because of that freedom, designers went wild and not only gave us new ideas of what a car could be, now and then they turned into movie cars.   I think you should be able to figure out which went on to fame on the screen as arguably the most famous move/tv car of them all!

Enjoy this collection of amazing cars of tomorrow, that were built in the heyday of chrome and imagination!

Nate Truman

The Age of Chrome, Aerodynamic Excess and Sheer Excitement XP-21 Firebird 1954.jpg

Jet-like GM XP-21 Firebird from 1954:
1959 Cadillac Cyclone “Motorama” dream car:
1959 GMC Firebird III – truly a product of the Jet Age! –
Little-known 1953 Cadillac Ghia Coupe: Dodge Firearrow I (Ghia).jpg
1953 Dodge Fire Arrow, designed by Ghia, with total of four vehicles built between 1953-1954: Lincoln XL-500 2.jpg Lincoln XL-500.jpg
Dressed in chrome and full of curves is this 1953 Lincoln XL-500: Oldsmobile Cutlass 2.jpg
1953 Lincoln XL-500 (the first Cutlass) was also quite remarkable: Lincoln Indianapolis.jpg
Aerodynamic and bold 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis (intended for the 1955 Turin Motor Show):
Also from 1955 is this cool and often over-looked Oldsmobile 88 Delta concept: Lincoln Futura (Ghia).jpg
1955 Lincoln Futura, designed by Ghia , Italy (which later evolved into a Batmobile): Ford Mystere 2.jpg Lincoln XL-500 3.jpg
1955 Ford Mystere: streamlined shapes and lots of chrome – Ford Mystere.jpg
This is somewhat less-known concept, but perhaps one of the most flamboyant from Ford: life dec 1955.jpg
1955 Ford La Tosca: Cadillac La Salle II Hardtop Sedan.jpg
1955 Cadillac La Salle II Hardtop Sedan : Buick WildCat III.jpg
1955 Buick WildCat III sports huge bumper “bombs”: golden rocket 1956.jpg
1956 Oldsmobile Golden Rocket had a spokeless steering wheel! –
Here is extremely rare and stunning 1957 Chrysler Diablo, also the result of collaboration with Ghia (considered the most valuable concept car from the 1950s):
Some discarded original Corvette design makeover concepts: Xp882 Z and Aero Z –
Another Chevrolet Corvette concept that did not make it was 1957 Chevrolet SS
Beautiful view of the 1963 Chrysler Turbine Car, one of many such concepts in 1960s.
1969 Chrysler 70X concept with unusual doors:

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