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Jurassic Park Explorer is here to stay in the Star Car team! makes a parody!

Some guys figure out haveing a recognizable movie car is fun quickly, others take more time!  Stephen is mainly an off roader enthusiast who had painted his explorer rock climber like the driverless trams made from Ford Explorers for Jurassic park.  After a couple of appearances with the Starcar Central gang, and oh yeah, a movie company wanting to give him money to point cameras at it, he’s decided he’s gonna leave the paint just the way is!

Now his weekend rock climbing toy is suddenly a celebrity!  It will be appearing in a Jurassic Park Parody Movie on check the site often!

The plot was to reenact the scene where the lawyer gets eaten. The lawyer in this version realizes he’s not really important in the story, so everyone pretty much throws him to….well the T-rex.  Apparently they  secured Martin Ferrrero who played the lawyer in the original movie, and he had not acted in 10 years!  The shoot took place on a private residence up in Topanga Canyon. It was really interesting for Steve because to do it he had to ask his new boss on his 2nd week of his new job for a day off. Luckily the owner is the daughter of a big Hollywood Producer so she was understanding.

So it ended up being an all day shoot.  Steve got to meet Martin Ferrero (yes he had him sign the truck), They ended up using another truck for all the interior shots because of his roll cage being in the way and used Steve’s Truck for all the exterior shots. Overall a very rewarding experience. The film is due to come out in early Aug.

Then after that in Burbank, Steve participated in the City of Burbank’s “Party of the Century”. He was asked to be in front of Universal Studios City Credit Union with a 18′ Animation T-rex  while they played the original movie in the background. (Too bad Ari’s Jurassic Park Jeep was still in the shop!) There were a crazy amount of people, and Steve learned a lot from doing this event. He had a family that decided that it would be ok to climb up on his hood and take pictures! Seriously? Yeah, people – famous movie cars are not jungle gyms.  You can go climb on Monster trucks, not movie cars.  Welcome to the lime light, Stephen!  (I think he likes it!)

“Either you move your car, or my Deputy with the little arms moves it for you!”

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