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Green Hornet movie, the Black Beauty stunt car is the star!

I saw the Green Hornet in 3-D for $17.50 a ticket (Talk about ticket shock!) and there is lots I didn’t like about the film, and how the story of the Green Hornet was handled, but there is no denying that the stunts and action scenes, even if improbable,  were really cool!

In conjunction with Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s promotion of the film, the stunt car made many personall appearances at restaurants around the country.  Below are the photos from one such stop, and the detail on the car is truly top notch! Now I have to brush up on my Chineese!

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Top marks to all the builders that were involved in the many cars used in the movie. Last count was 28 cars with very few surviving!  Now let’s all go find out who won the Carl’s Jr. free black beaty give away!

I want my car, Carl!!  I bought a lot of large drinks, and entered 5 times a day for two months!




Star cars we need to find….

The banshee, love it!

Well here you go, the last of my star car posts for a while, so after this, back to batmobiles.

KITT 2000, the original concept car is seriously cool inside!

below, a montage of the shots that got me interested in getting the group together.

Batmobiles, Movie Cars, and George Barris oh my!

Batgirl’s cycle I think it’s pretty cool, she can park with us!

the bat tank is always welcome

Judge Dredd?  really cool, it’s welcome as long as it doesn’t run over my car.

streethawk.  it’s in Australia, but any repros out there?

Well, we can park this on the end…..

Hey hey there’s a mold out there…..

Expensive, way too expensive…..

anyone want to screw up their Cord?  Doc Savage fans out there?

Wants 75 grand for it, any buyers?

any batmobile is welcome….

My brother’s black beauty at a car show a while ago, he has two

donor cars….

this is welcome too…..

If I could find this (barris said it was crushed) that would be SWEET!!!

Super Pursuit mode…..

we saw this all ready, but it looks so great!

This is out of Los Angeles, now in San Fran….

Oh yeah, this was CRAZY cool!  Nemomobile!!

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