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10 lines up famous movie and tv cars for downs syndrome event for DSALA

Each year the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles puts on a Buddy Walk and Festival, and Nate Truman’s line up was there to support the cause!  Only one thing was missing, me! AKA NATE!  Luckily,  the SSC is not about one person, it’s about a team of great star car owners who will come out with their cool famous movie and tv cars to support charities around Los Angeles!

KITT from Knight RiderMagnum P.I. Ferrari, Back to the Future Delorean, Ratchet  right next to Bumblebee from the Transformers, and Herbie all showed up to support all the folks at DSALA!

SCC members Alex, Oscar, Paul, Jason, Jon and Brian all arrived early and lined up somehow with out their fearless leader!?!?  How is that possible?  Oh right, they are all veterans of many similar events we have done over the last seven years!

Of course, this was the first time a mini Thunderbird Jet showed up, and gave rides!   I think all the guys wanted a turn!  I bet  a jet plane would give the horses at Santa Anita a run for their money!

But wait, I know what you are thinking, if Nate Truman’s not there, then there was no Batmobile!  HA!

Even though he won an Academy Award my secret weapon comes out a few times a year, with HIS batmobile!  Tom Woodruff came later but the boys saved a place for him right in front!

After the walk and festival ended, a once in a lifetime photo op happened!  All the guys went out to a local Sonic and managed to get every stall on the same side, for one of the coolest starcar photos in a long time!  That’s what I get for missing an event!

Now we have to turn that into a poster!  Too cool!   Next up, the next day, AUTISM Walk at Anaheim stadium!  Still no NATE!

If you want to attend or support DSLA next year, just check out their website at DSLA


Hey Hey the Monkeemobile meets Peter Tork in concert!

By Nate Truman

Star car news comes to me from all over the globe, and the one car that “got away” from Los Angeles is in great hands with another chapter of the SCC  organized by Michael Knight!   Mel bought the iconic Monkeemobile a few years ago and he and his local starcar pals had a fun night in Cleaveland tracking down one of the original Monkee band members, Peter Tork!

Peter Tork is still rocking the house, and performed with his backup band, original songs and performed  a few classics as well!

After a fun concert, Peter did a meet and greet with the fans and signed Monkee stuff, including models and records, but only MEL brought a part of the monkeemobile!

Check out the Monkeemobile Shirts! Nice, Mel!

One Monkee down, 3 to go!   Hey hey we’re the monkees!  And Peter Tork put his signature on this one!

This is the hood of the Monkeemobile, the hunt continues for the other three for a complete set of signatures!  Congrats! SCC Michigan has a great line up of star cars!


Long Beach ComicCon welcomed the fans! Cosplay and starcars, it’s a crossgeeking extravaganza!

Our second time with the Long Beach Comic Con, and we had an all new car line up!  Oscar for some reason got a shot of this superheroine with his Magnum P.I. Ferrari, I don’t understand the connection, Oscar?

Jon “Bumblebee” pulled out all the stops for the fans in his full on Transformer outfit, and was photographed more times than Lindsay Lohan coming out of Rehab!

Obi_Shawns starwars car was a hit as always! Here’s some of the line up outside the main entrance! Starwars next to Magnum P.I. next to Lou’s Starsky and Hutch next to transformer’s Bumblebee! We are by definition cross- geekers in the SCC! (Crossgeeking, TM Nate Truman the combination of two geeky pursuits enjoyed by the same person- please tell webster to add my word to the next edition!)

Here’s a perfect example. Oscar loves Magnum P.I. and he likes sexy women.  I mean Star Trek cosplay.  🙂

Down at the start of the lineup we had Alex and Jenn’s Knight Rider KITT cars. Who doesn’t love KITT?

Oscar met up with the 501st for a group photo, now that’s some serious muscle to protect his Ferrari!

Special Guest appearance by Bryan Fear and his pal driving the  Ghostbuster Ecto-1 car, they were on several missions that day, but stopped to drop off a costume for a friend, and said “hey” to the SCC guys from the street!  A ghostbuster’s work is never done!  Great to see the Ecto driving down the road!

A good time was had by all, and the weather was just great!   I think we will be back to support the Long Beach comic con next time!

Don’t forget, we are at Frank n sons this saturday, rain or shine! But if it DOES POUR,  Get smart will have to take a rain check! (I will have Bruce Wayne deliver the Batmobile no matter what!)

Come meet the guys, we will have 20 cars under one roof! So even if it rains, we will be inside in the middle of the event! Get your photo with your favorite star car! Meet the owners!  Participate in “Geekswapping” (TM 2003 Nate Truman “trading collectibles with others, of totally different geeky hobbies.”  eg. “I will give you a death star lego set, for that 1:18 scale fireball run Batmobile…..”

Next blog the SCC shows up for Downs Syndrome walk, and Autism!

Once again I am playing catch up so stay tuned, starcarfan!


Motibello street fair and Starcarcentral was there! Transformers, Knight Riders,

2010 Montebello street fair got it’s second annual visit from the gang!  It helps to be married to one of the core members to get us to your event, and a great goodie bag doesn’t hurt either!

Unlike last time the weather was nice and cool and we had a great turn out of famous movie and TV cars, and even one that was a cartoon!

Star car collection: Back To The Future Delorean, James bond BMW, Transformers Ratchet, batmobile, Magnum P.I. Ferrari KITT, bumblebee and more!

We all got an early start and lined up down the middle of the main street of the fair!

Luis’ Punisher car pulled up next to Jenn’s SPM KITT and Alex’s 3-4 season KITT. Then Nate’s Batmobile and Jon’s Transformer Bumblee.

Oscar's Magnum P.I. Ferrari was a hit with the Firemen!

Every car had it’s fans, and it’s always fun to watch eyes light up as they see their favorite!

CHICO and the MAN lowrider car

A suprise STAR CAR was  the Chico and the Man lowrider car.  It was seen in the opening credits, and also came into the garage on an episode or two.  Check out the inside!

Chico and the MAN... that's a cool interior!

Starsky and .... the Punisher? Now that's a team up!

Luis’ punisher car brought up the back, along with Lou’s Starsky and Hutch Torino!

In the front, Brian's BMW james bond car, Paul's BTTF Delorean, Buckaroo's Ratchet Transformer and our Host, Oscar's Magnum P.I. Ferrari!

Great music, donuts and coffee in the morning, great weather, great goodie bags, I don’t think I will have to ask twice who wants to come next year!

Nate Truman's batmobile even showed up! 🙂

OK so my schedule has been getting in the way of my own group events! But I got the batmobile out of the cave finally, and it was a lot of fun!

Now, I don’t want to hear about any show that “needs more batmobile!” SCC is about the PEOPLE, not the cool cars.  OK it’s a little about cool cars….  🙂


Ghostbuster Ecto-1 vs. Monkeemobile? Starsky and Hutch vs. Herbie?

Star car Central clubs are getting together and having fun all over the world! This group took to the dragstrip  and took the famous movie and TV vehicles head-to-head!   No one posted their quarter mile times, so I guess the winner only gets bragging rights to those who where there!

The General Lee heads up the gang, and they all took their turns on the dragstrip!

Starsky and Hutch Torino vs The General Lee Charger? Who will win?    Great (or crazy!) minds think alike, and these photos remind me of my time on the track with “Road and Track” years ago at California Speedway!  So I know it was a day of just plain star car fun!  The monkeemobile vs. the Ectomobile?  How cool is that?

To see the batmobile go up against Mad Max, General Lee, Starsky’s Torino  and even a Delorean Time Machine, check out our spread in Car and Driver Magazine awhile back!  My car even made the COVER!….. (upper right corner, but hey, I was on the cover of Car and Driver!)   🙂
Great photos, and great fun!


South Pasadena Police Show has big gathering with the batmobile!autobots too!

One of my “rules” is we help out for charity’s and fire/police events, but usually just once.  We have so many requests that every summer weekend is booked sometimes at several places at once!  But Officer Lee at the South Pasadena police dept. treats us so nice, we come back to this one show, year after year!  The first time was just before I left to go on the very first Fireball Run!   This year, it was Paul and Reba who were raring to leave on their Fireball experience, Paul’s second time, and Reba’s first time out as co-driver!

Oscar opened up his office and had more snacks, drinks and a big screen TV, and most importantly, AIR CONDITIONING!

We even got to see Oscar perform with SEAN CASSIDY! WOW! Oscar is the guy at the piano…. a LONG time ago!

As the Star car Cats usually do, we wandered in groups, some stayed with their cars, others wondered off to look at the car show, and as always I circled and tried to connect with everyone at some point in the day!     Lots of laughs at Oscar’s office (our new annual hangout!) and lots of good food and drink from the SPPD.   Alex even left his car for a while and had a donut with us… next year we will shoot for Jerry to walk away from Herbie, at least to see the car show!

New to this event were Dave and his wife Barb, and Derek Joseph  with their General Lee,  Mark G. brought a police dept. display car, Jason debuted his Autobot Emergency vehicle, and John showed up with his Bumblebee Camaro too!   Jerry’s Herbie as always is perfect, and Alex and His KITT were polished hourly.  Paul set up his tent and tirelessly chatted with fans while the rest of us, Sue, Oscar, Jason, Charlie, Ari, Lou looked for shade and just enjoyed the day.

Gary stuck close to his Highway Patrol cruiser and Mark had to make an early exit to attend a wedding, but a few hung around to let the heat of the day pass and watched movies at Oscars place!

We are a “free form” group and everyone seems to like it that way!


Extreme Green Backs the BTTF Delorean, lots of star cars and the Snoop Deville Snoop dogs show car!

Extreme Greene invited the SCC to their Car Show and Movie Night in Covina! Extreme Greene friends, employees enjoyed a screening of “Back to the Future” along with a car show featuring the regulars. The food was good and everyone was friendly and the Xtreme Greene Team was very appreciative to our participation and gave the SCC group some thank you gifts (Waterless car wash spray and cap with Logo) The heat was heavy but we managed to find shelter in the easy ups that they provided. The snoop De Ville is what Snoop Dog uses to arrive at shows. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Paul!


VIPER DEFENDER – a rare starcar goes up for bid! Rare Ford Futura batmobile appearance! Knight Rider Over Morphs!

The last Defender went up to $270,000 but the reserve was $300,000!

One of the rarest starcars out there is the Viper “Defender” from the NBC series that was cancelled and then went into syndication for a few seasons.
My pals at have possibly the only remaining fully working “Defender” from the series.

The basic premise of the show was in the not too distant future the world is full of crime and the government starts up a secret task force with a cool car to fight for Justice. Basically Knight Rider, but the car is just a super car with gadgets – it doesn’t think or talk.
Similar to the “attack mode” in Knight Rider, in this show a “basic” red and then later blue Viper transforms into a grey hardtop custom version called “the defender” and it has grappling guns, stun effects, off road tires etc, as well as some screens in the dash!

Back in the day of the show, the transform shots cost $50,000 each! Now they look more like a great fan film CGI effect.

Still pretty cool (and impossible) but I suffered through this show waiting for the effect shots! The problem is the show was built around one new cool effect, sort of like “manimal”
(Look it up if you want – its a guy who could turn into animals)
But this show just never found the right cast or tone or storyline. Swapping out the original driver, then bringing him back, it was all just a rehash of “Street Hawk” (guy at computer helping cooler guy on super car/bike) “Knight Rider” with a bit of “Robocop” sucky future mixed in. But the car morph effects were always cool!

But seriously, the WHEELBASE gets longer, the tires expand to some sort of off road thing? And it goes from a high profile red viper to a high profile custom hadtop viper? Just leave it as a Defender! But then of course, you wouldn’t have the cool morphs, and that was the only draw for the show!

This was the best show opening, and from the looks of this, I should have LOVED the show. It even tossed in some “Speed racer” with a little “flying bird” that popped out and had a camera inside it! Where did they get THAT idea? 🙂
I kept watching because the morphs were and still are pretty cool, and I tried and tried to like the show. I always liked the car!

I did have to hunt down a copy of one episode on “VIDEOTAPE” (explain that to your younger friends!) where the only screen apperance of a rare Ford Futura Concept car replica was ever seen. The story was they found this fantastic car in a lost underground facility and it was stolen. Sort of a “tucker” story about a guy who designed the car of the future, and the big car companies didn’t want it to be made. I only cared because the Futura Concept car was lost for all time, when it was transformed into the 1966 batmobile for the Adam West series. So this is the only film of a Futura racing around, other than a little footage of the original “pre-batmobile” in the movie “it started with a Kiss” with Glen Ford and Debbie Reynolds.

Here’s some footage of the replica tooling around at a car show.

As a starcar, the Defender has all the required stuff, cool modified car – it’s the star of the show – it was in every episode – and if you buy it or make one, you are SOOO in the membership! However, it was missing that one last important element to send it to the top of the desired tv and movie cars, it had to be a HIT show with lots of fans during it’s run. But I won’t hold that against any starcar that STARTED as a VIPER!
Viper/defender fans, lets bring the show back – or a feature film? I would watch it – just for the effect shots! 🙂

The re-boot of Knight Rider was using the same playbook, and even though all the effects were past the verge of believable I watched every episode!
Check out the transformations in this video!

Let’s here it for fanboy editors with lots of time to put these together! The series lost me promoting other Ford vehicles, when a Mustang turned into a TRUCK? I said, “Hey, and it can turn into Optimus Prine too!” as a joke. Well… then later in the series, they turned the Evil KARR into a giant robot, and the voice of KARR was the voice of Optimus prime!
I was still watching, and smiling!

Tell the truth now, you clicked on a few of those clips more than once! Weather it’s the Defender, Kitt or even Michael Jackson’s face, Morphing is cool!
Stupid impossible cool, is still stupid cool!


KITT VS KARR HERBIE vs. Masarati MC-12 and ROBOCOP RISES from the rust! Plus join us this Friday at Seaside Lagoon! Back to the Future!

Starcar news happens all over the place, and there is no WAY I can cover it all, but here are a few updates on SCC members!
KITT and KARR went head to head again for a photo shoot for High Speed Magazine, and Alex Wong and Dan Trukillo Jr. took their KITTs down to do a photo shoot.

Check out that crazy truck behind them!

DJ the photographer wanted to check out Alex’s top notch dash!

Then Jerry with his Herbie got a nice parking space next to another white car. a Maserati MC12!

The Pictures of Herbie and the MC12 were taken at The Riverside Auto Museum.

The guy that owns it and about 5-6 Million in race cars is a land developer and built this building for his collection and has the largest collection of Riverside Raceways memorabilia.

He has two full time archivist and a mechanic and they were nice enough to allow Herbie inside and park next to His $1,400,000
Jerry thougt it was kinda funny as the owner of the whole collection was taking pictures of Herbie? LOL!

As I have “infected” all my star car pals with the idea that they can have more than just ONE famous car, Mark G. aka “Adam-12” decided to do something about us losing our Robocop car, and went and got one!

He sold his “Emergency” fire truck, so now there is room for OCP’s latest cruiser! I bet he gets it done before I finish the other batmobile… heck, he might beat the A-Team van!

Join us this Friday the 23rd at Seaside Lagoon for an outdoor showing of Back to the Future, with a TIME MACHINE DELOREAN right there to get your picture with, along with a few other suprise starcars!


Knight Rider Shelby Mustang original screen used car found!

Well it wasn’t lost, but the Knights of the West Coast found it in a collection, and the owner was gracious enough to invite the Knight Rider fans over for a look! To learn more about the collection and the guy who is behind it, click here!
I have a stupid day job, but many of the KOTWC group and Lou showed up to check it out, and all the other cool cars!

Check out the cool interior!

All the gang with the reel deal!
Then a little Knight Rider lunch at in and out KITT style! Wait, is that KARR?

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