ROGER CORMAN is a man who can make films and shows at an amazing pace. Starting in the film days, he would make super low budget movies and his list of credits is probably one of the longest on imdb. Fast and cheap, if he got a small budget, he would turn out some footage.

When Black Scorpion was first made, it was the start of the Superhero explosion started from the first Superman Movie with Christoper Reeve and the Keaton/Burton Batman films. Suddenly everyone wanted superheros. Low budget TV shows and films started popping up. Roger made two films featuring the Black Scorpion, basically take Batman, exchange the lead for a supermodel in revealing outfits, get Batman aka Adam West to be the villan, add some more hot models as supervillains and you are ready to go! The first two films featured a plain corvette that turned into a modified Porche. Then there was an order for a series! New actress to play the Black Scorpion, and the film production team handed over what was left of the Porche. It was so beat up they decided to just blow it up and start over.

The new TV version was based on a corvette and it was made cheap, driven hard, modified randomly and then by the end left in a heap of smoke, dirt and cheap repairs. It was truly “smoke and mirrors”. Through a series of events it’s now in my hands to bring it back to life. Why? Not a fan favorite, looks like trash in the light of day, and the motor is blown, along with everything else. My answer, it’s cool, and it shouldn’t die! Plus, people think it’s a Batmobile! So this is the first chapter of restoring the TV series Black Scorpion Corvette. And here, we, go! Below is the first photo of it after Roger Corman had sold it and I went to look at it. Lots of work to do, but this is what I started with on day one!

There was only one “scorpion” hub cap, so it was molded and now there are 6!

Screwed right into a set of chrome Corvette wheels. Tight Budget!
You can see a neon tube behind the louvers and some of this set up was still in the car. I will repair and replace all the neon.
rear scorpion symbol was intact, and I will add lighting for that as well.
Here is a profile shot from the series, and what I am going for in the restoration.
This is the front hood and it is AWSOME! Lots of fiberglass to do to make it road worthy, but this is the coolest part of the scorpionmobile!

So that’s just a start of what the car looked like during production. It’s very rough and an engine build has to be the first step to getting it on the road and fighting crime! Stay tuned, scorpion fans, the worst is yet to come!

Riddle me this, what show is about a crime fighter with an awesome car, and stars Adam West and guest stars like Frank Gorshin?


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