The making of a “REAL” Batmobile batcave!

Sometimes when you make your dreams come true, it triggers other projects you never imagined.  For me, when I finished my full size street legal Batmobile, I  now needed a safe place to park it.  Sure, a locked garage, but not just any garage!

Obviously, I needed a batcave!  Here’s a short rundown on how I built it.
So first I had to do some investigating, to see what was supposed to be in the batcave, and what elements I would want to include in mine.



All Done... Sort of!

Completion day! Well, it’s never finished, but this was a big day. My Bat-mechanic had done a great job, paint, wheels, and windshield – I was ready to fight crime!bat on beach
Nate Truman’s Batmobile at the local beach! Surf competition with the Joker!


The first time a “REAL” batcave was shown, in the original “Batman” serial films. Basically a desk, some chairs and a bat on the wall.


Several Batcave toys were made after the 60’s TV series was such a huge hit. Sliding down a batpole was the fastest way to get to the cave, but Alfred used the hidden stairs!


Over the decades there have been many Batcave toy sets, and some great “virtual” batcaves in drawings, cartoons and even video games.

In this new world thanks to the internet I have discovered that much of my “starcar” and crossgeeking work has usually been done already by someone else! I started a pinterest page to collect everything I would want in my dream batcave.

In my searches I did stumble across a great blog on the batcave and instead of reposting and commenting, I will just link to it. Great history and development over the years with photos and drawings.  And for a quick history from youtube of the “Bat’s Cave” you can watch this video!


Testing the afterburners in the batcave.

terry austin. batman's new home. 001

I doubt anyone would build a building like this, a lot of wasted space! But he could be Bruce on the top level, and under the building was a “in town” batcave!

One of the great mysteries in the Batman storyline is how did the batcave get built? Alfred? I don’t think so. The latest cave has levels that even Batman doesn’t know what is down there! So many adventures have included a trip to the batcave, or a fight, a new way in or out that it seems it would have to be part magic to do everything the comics have shown us. As much as I would like a beautifully decorated giant trophy room (I think there is a bit of Fortress of Solitude envy going on there) to stay in the realm of almost reality, the best versions are utilitarian.

The secret batcaves around the city, one under the Wayne Tower are the most useful. If Wayne manor is outside the city, Batman’s response time would be pretty bad, no matter how fast the batmobile or batplane/gyrocopter may be. As for a high speed rail car that diverts trains so he can use the subway systems? That seems pretty unworkable. To remove the need for a team of helpers to get him to the scene of the crime, everything seems to use “auto pilot” where planes, and cars can just drive home, or hover until needed. Then they have to have anti-theft out the wazoo to keep criminals from just taking them as they sit unprotected.

So as my house doesn’t sit on top of a huge underground cavern (saving MILLIONS in excavation costs) I had to settle for something smaller. A two car garage hidden behind gates, and about 500 square feet of bat-office space.

Also, Batman has more storage room, and I am guessing he doesn’t have to keep all the Christmas decorations, various holiday stuff and old furniture in his cave, but I do. So no turntable for the batmobile (with a car almost 20 feet long, it wasn’t doable. I checked. And Rechecked. Rats.) But the batcave that would be my design style was obvious, the TV batcave from the 1960’s TV series.

49d413dac1542e86aaf509c8814559e7 batcave off set

Adam West Batmobile Nate truman

The Man, ADAM WEST! We did a turtle wax commercial that never made air. Having Batman polish my batmobile all day, PRICELESS!

So I started building my list:
A smaller trophy cabinet is just fine to display memories.
Basic automotive tools,
some storage bat shelves,
bat-costume cleaning machines,
bat-computer area,
a big screen BAT-TV,
bat-sound system,
security devices. The list will never be finished, as many items have all ready been upgraded since my batcave has been built. But little by little, with no help from Alfred, I put together a pretty workable, secret lair to assist in my crime fighting and keep the batmobile hidden and ready for action. As well as a place to keep all the Christmas decorations! Ok, so I am no where near as “Dark” – this is the 60’s batman after all!
And Adam West isn’t always available to polish my car!

Now most “mancaves” are designed to be pleasant from a male perspective, and mostly about relaxing and entertainment. But there is no place for alcohol, dart games and neon in a batcave! Batman would have Protein shakes, Batarang practice target and a batsymbol instead!

(Of course there is always room for bat gadgets and batmobile toys!)

So after gathering info, photos, and ideas for my batcave, it was time to build the real deal, and at a perfect time, as the Batmobile was out getting it’s paint job done – I had room to work!     Stay tuned batfans, the best is yet to come!!!!  PART 2    The Building of the working Batcave!


2 Responses to “The making of a “REAL” Batmobile batcave!”

  1. 1 Leonard M Hochteil
    April 14, 2016 at 11:15 pm

    Just think Batman, what if Bruce Wayne had amnesia and discovered the Bat Cave and thought to himself who is this crazy guy living underneath my house? Should he call the police? Should he play around with the gadgets or drive the Batmoble? Perhaps Bruce Wayne might consider charging this guy rent. But he would say this guys got a lot of cool stuff.The chicks will dig the car.

  2. 2 DeadmanTalking
    October 20, 2021 at 12:11 pm

    This is fascinating.
    Where’s part 2 ???

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