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Rockford Files Firebird – Following the dream car!

My star car pal Jim Suva loves the Rockford Firebird!  Here’s a little back story of his quest to get his dream car, and the one that “got away!”

The Rockford Files Firebird That Started This Bog

Written by Jim Suva

Back in October 2002, I needed to find a car to use as a daily driver.  My wife Julie asked me what kind of car I wanted.  Of course I said, I wanted a 1977 or ’78 Pontiac Firebird like the one James Garner drove on The Rockford Files.

So I started to looking online and came across this ebay ad for an actual screen-used Rockford Firebird.

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I immediately sent a private message to the seller, asking what documentation they had on the Firebird.  In particular the car’s use on The Rockford Files Movies.  They never responded.  In fact, the auction was pulled within 2 hours of my seeing it.  I tried several times to contact the seller, but no reply.

Within two weeks I found my 1977 Firebird Esprit and purchased it immediately from Mike Marini, in Rhode Island.  He told me I was the first to offer to purchase the Firebird, and he had 4 or 5 other guys waiting in line.  Needless to say I was very lucky to find mine in such great condition.


After this, I was on a quest to find out as much information on these screen-used Firebirds.  My hope was that I could own one someday.  A Firebird that James Garner actually drove on the show!

Now that James Garner has passed away, this ebay Firebird was auctioned off in January, 2015 for $40,000.00.   What a great piece of TV/Garner history!


I guess I am going to have to wait for some time for these Firebirds to come back down to more reasonable prices.  After all, most of us fans can relate to Jim Rockford and his living paycheck to paycheck.  I am sure James Garner is looking down and is amazed at the selling price of one of his old Firebirds.

Jim doesn’t live near HQ here in Hollywood, but luckily he’s not the only fan!  Several Firebirds from the show and at least one replica are part of our starcar line up!  We hope to be seeing one at events in 2015!


Stay tuned, starcar fans, the best is yet to come!  If you want to follow Jim’s Rockford blog, there is a ton of great info to read!  Check it out at

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