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starcars at the 2012 comic con in san diego!

Comic Con 2012 had a lot of star cars, so here are some photos for those who couldn’t go to the show!


Prius after the loss of electricity in a new show out, but not really starcar material…


Grim had a trailer walk through outside the con to promote their new show…. but still not a star car

This was pretty cool, new Matt Damon Jodi Foster movie space story… but hard to put on the road…

  It is a bugatti though, so nice paint job.  Outside the hardrock Hotel.

Now we are talking! The Bond franchise brought out the speed boat, the Green Jag and this Timothy dalton car to let people pose with the car, standing next to it, not behind the wheel….

 This Aston Martin from “The Living Daylights” is entirely fiberglass, even the tires!?!?! Used for the ice cutting sequence. Spikes through rubber tires doesn’t work too well!

ROCKETS!  Working on those for my jag…..

Total Rekall or Recall had it’s car on hand, not sure if it rolls or is a hover/gimble set up?  I’d make it street legal, just give me a few months….

 The Total Recall vehicle 

This jet bike is from “Looper” with Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt. The mob uses the past, to make people disappear so they send hit men back in time to off people in the past. But then, something goes wrong….. bruce willis shows up!  


Too many photos for one blog, and I haven’t even done the batmobiles yet!  More to come!
Stay tooned bat fans, yes TOONED!   

Highlight on “Q Branch” James Bond BMW!

Star Car Central’s resident “Q Branch”, Brian Uiga, built this replica
of the “Tomorrow Never Dies” radio-controlled rocket firing BMW two
years ago for SCC charity events starting with the Boys and Girls club
fundraiser in Santa Paula on New Year’s Eve 2009! Little did Brian know back then,

the adventures it was going to take him on!

Q-Branch BMW with rockets and chain cutter deployed
ready for action!

About to jump off the top of the garage and land in an
Avis booth.

After many appearances with his new James Bond Car, Brian was invited to a speical “Bond Cars Only” event!

2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the original James Bond film
“Doctor No”, so the British Academy of Film and Television Arts
set up a 50th anniversary screening of all of the James Bond films,
including a special double bill of “Goldeneye” and “Tomorrow Never
Dies” at the American Cinematheque

Of course the BMW had to be there!  Along with director Martin
Campbell (director of “Goldeneye” and “Casino Royale”), Brian’s BMW
was special guest at the screening – parked out front with all of the
weapons deployed in case any SPECTRE agents show up!

Ready to fend off any attack with his screen used foam
rubber stunt gun from “Tomorrow Never Dies”

Weapons out and ready!

The crowds started lining up an hour before the show…

Don’t turn your back on the rocket car…

When the other “special guest” director Martin Campbell arrived, he
and Brian shared a few jokes about how much better “Goldeneye” and
“Casino Royale” were than “Tomorrow Never Dies”, and he signed the
dashboard of the BMW.

“This movie wasn’t quite as good as “Goldeneye”, but
you have to admit the car was better than your Z3!”

James Bond Director,signing the dashboard of the BMW

Between the two shows there was a Q&A with Martin Campbell where he
talked about his experiences filming two Bond films.  Best line of the
night:  When asked whether he’d do another Bond, he said “Probably
not… there’s only so many ways you can blow up an underground lair!”

Director Martin Campbell sharing a joke with the Bond fans

Footage from the evening will be included with the BMW’s episode of
the CRAVE Online series “Star Cars” (Check back often, the BOND episode premiers soon!)(,
which has lots of SCC guys and gals showing off their TV and Movie
cars!  The premiere is on July 5th with Jason Ybarra’s Ninja Turtle
Van, but you can see a few sneak peaks on the “Star Cars” Facebook
page (

STAR CARS Assemble! Nate Truman’s members get profiled on Crave!Online through out July through Sept new episode every two weeks!

STAR CARS promo shot of the James Bond BMW

The screening ended at 1:30am and Brian was home at 3am, but there was
no time to rest as ROBO-Herbie was at a show the next morning at
7:30am with the Ninja Turtle Van!  No rest for the Star Cars!  Somehow
he managed to keep from falling asleep long enough to shoot an
interview with “April O’Neal” showing some of the tricks that Herbie
can do:

Way to work a weekend with your starcars, Brian!

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