KNIGHT RIDER FEST 3 Brings together fans of KITT and KARR in VEGAS, BABY!

There are fans of TV shows, and fans of the cool cars on the shows, then there are super fans who do something to bring a fan community together!  Paul Casey had a dream a few years back of getting rows of Knight Rider cars AKA KITTs  (Knight Industries Two Thousand) and KARRs (Knight Automated Roving Robot) as well as cast and crew all in one place for fans of the two Knight Rider Series to get to spend time together.   After many hours of detective work and many more hours of phone calls convincing people he was actually going to pull this fan based event together  it actually happened!     Now in it’s third year Paul has established an annual event for all things Knight Rider!

Owners from around the country, and even Canada and beyond have come with their replica and tribute cars to meet the stunt men, creators, and actors at the last three Knight Rider Festivals.  David Hasselhoff star of the first show has appeared, as well as Justin Bruener, the star of the more recent “Mustang” based Knight Rider show that followed the continuing adventures of the Foundation of Law and Government that the HOFF worked for in the 80’s.  One of my early jobs in Hollywood was being the voice of the KITT at Universal Studios and I joined the speaker panel at the first Festival. Since then representatives from Starcarcentral.com and Knights of the West Coast aka KOTWC have volunteered and brought their talents and cars to every Festival!   Dan, Alex, Nick, Jenn, Matthew, Glen, Nate and even Paul with his Back to the Future Delorean have appeared at the event as the Designer of KITT Michael Shiffe, also worked on the Delorean for the back to the future movies!

This year there were 16 kitts,  2 karrs, 6 mustang kitts (3 of them were the originals from the tv show). Of the 3 screen used kitts, 2 of them were from the pilot episode, the hero and attack mode, and the other one was the gimble kitt, the one that was at the on the rotating platform at the foundation base.

It took many people coming together to make this show a reality and everyone enjoyed getting to know the other owners and cast members and driving down the Las Vegas strip in a parade of 80’s Trans ams with their Knight Rider Red lights flashing!  So is Paul ready to do a fourth? He says “YOU BET!” so mark your calendars for Knight Rider Festival FOUR in February 2012!

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