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THE LAST STARFIGHTER star car! Where is it now? Hello? Mcfly!

Here is a request from a fan!  Has anyone tried to reproduce, or know where the original car is today from “The Last Star Fighter”?   In “The Last Starfighter” it was driven by Centauri played by Robert Preston best known for his performance in the “Music Man”.

Preston’s last film role featured him as sort of an intergalactic con man, with a tip of the hat to his famous role in “The Music Man.”   He recruits a young kid who beats the high score on a video game that in reality is a training device for star fighter pilots.  Robert Preston con’s the kid into his car, which was actually a space ship, and he takes him off to be a reluctant starfighter pilot.

I know that after it’s star turn in the film, like many Hollywood oddities are often shoved to the back of a transportation lot and  left to slowly die, unless that sort of car is called for again in another movie. This did happen to the Starfighter car, in the famous Back to the Future Trilogy. Gene Winfield is credited with building this car, along with many other futuristic vehicles like in “Blade runner”.

In the film Back to the Future Part II it can be seen as a car parked on one of the streets in the 2015 future setting.




Here’s a still of the blade runner car also in BTTF part 2 

Gene has built lots of famous movie vehicles, including the “Wraith” the “Reactor”

seen on Bewitched and even built a  familiar mode of transport for captain Kirk!

Few people know that Gene Winfield designed and built the full-sized prop of the “Star Trek” Galileo Shuttlecraft while working at AMT in Phoenix, AZ.

The Star Car from “The Last Starfighter” is rumored to now be in France and painted red.

So, if there is a replica out there, or info on it’s current whereabouts, let me know!

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