Motibello street fair and Starcarcentral was there! Transformers, Knight Riders,

2010 Montebello street fair got it’s second annual visit from the Starcarcentral.com gang!  It helps to be married to one of the core members to get us to your event, and a great goodie bag doesn’t hurt either!

Unlike last time the weather was nice and cool and we had a great turn out of famous movie and TV cars, and even one that was a cartoon!

Star car collection: Back To The Future Delorean, James bond BMW, Transformers Ratchet, batmobile, Magnum P.I. Ferrari KITT, bumblebee and more!

We all got an early start and lined up down the middle of the main street of the fair!

Luis’ Punisher car pulled up next to Jenn’s SPM KITT and Alex’s 3-4 season KITT. Then Nate’s Batmobile and Jon’s Transformer Bumblee.

Oscar's Magnum P.I. Ferrari was a hit with the Firemen!

Every car had it’s fans, and it’s always fun to watch eyes light up as they see their favorite!

CHICO and the MAN lowrider car

A suprise STAR CAR was  the Chico and the Man lowrider car.  It was seen in the opening credits, and also came into the garage on an episode or two.  Check out the inside!

Chico and the MAN... that's a cool interior!

Starsky and .... the Punisher? Now that's a team up!

Luis’ punisher car brought up the back, along with Lou’s Starsky and Hutch Torino!

In the front, Brian's BMW james bond car, Paul's BTTF Delorean, Buckaroo's Ratchet Transformer and our Host, Oscar's Magnum P.I. Ferrari!

Great music, donuts and coffee in the morning, great weather, great goodie bags, I don’t think I will have to ask twice who wants to come next year!

Nate Truman's batmobile even showed up! 🙂

OK so my schedule has been getting in the way of my own group events! But I got the batmobile out of the cave finally, and it was a lot of fun!

Now, I don’t want to hear about any show that “needs more batmobile!” SCC is about the PEOPLE, not the cool cars.  OK it’s a little about cool cars….  🙂

1 Response to “Motibello street fair and Starcarcentral was there! Transformers, Knight Riders,”

  1. November 8, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Looks like you guys had a blast, as usual!

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