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10 supports the Autism Walk 2010 Anaheim Stadium

The 2010 Walk Now for Autism was held at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. More than 9,000 people attend the event which had 60 booths, huge kidszone with several Star Cars from Nate Truman’s, Autism Speaks ambulance, Star Wars characters from the 501st cosplay group and a 5 K walk all to raise funds to help those affected with Autism.

The event raised money to benefit autism research.

Diane Vitto, executive chairwoman for the event, said that more than $330,000 was raised, but they expect that number to go higher.

Lots of people turned out for the event, but this time no one brought a camera! was proud to be one of many supporters and everyone enjoyed the star cars on display!

If you spot a photo of the starcars at this event, let me know!   Or if you see one of THESE people standing next to a famous car, that would be us!  So, how many SCC members can you cram into a photobooth? Extra points for finding Howdy Doody!


Holy Batmobile! Batman and Robin teach bible school?

Just off Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks California, a few lucky kids got a surprise visit from their favorite superheros, Batman and Robin!   Arriving in their batmobile they greeted all the kids attending a short bible school with the theme of HEROES!

When a starcar like the batmobile makes an appearance, Nate Truman and his reporters are always on the scene!   Nate was spotted greeting Batman and Robin, trying out the zip line and visiting the cardboard Gotham city inside!   You just never know when a superhero will stop by and teach a few moral lessons and crime fighting techniques!   Even with record temperatures, Batman and Robin posed with all the children and a few big kids as well!    Before long the caped crusaders had to go back on patrol, and they disappeared down Ventura Blvd.     Thanks for putting smiles on all those kid’s faces, batman!


10 lines up famous movie and tv cars for downs syndrome event for DSALA

Each year the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles puts on a Buddy Walk and Festival, and Nate Truman’s line up was there to support the cause!  Only one thing was missing, me! AKA NATE!  Luckily,  the SSC is not about one person, it’s about a team of great star car owners who will come out with their cool famous movie and tv cars to support charities around Los Angeles!

KITT from Knight RiderMagnum P.I. Ferrari, Back to the Future Delorean, Ratchet  right next to Bumblebee from the Transformers, and Herbie all showed up to support all the folks at DSALA!

SCC members Alex, Oscar, Paul, Jason, Jon and Brian all arrived early and lined up somehow with out their fearless leader!?!?  How is that possible?  Oh right, they are all veterans of many similar events we have done over the last seven years!

Of course, this was the first time a mini Thunderbird Jet showed up, and gave rides!   I think all the guys wanted a turn!  I bet  a jet plane would give the horses at Santa Anita a run for their money!

But wait, I know what you are thinking, if Nate Truman’s not there, then there was no Batmobile!  HA!

Even though he won an Academy Award my secret weapon comes out a few times a year, with HIS batmobile!  Tom Woodruff came later but the boys saved a place for him right in front!

After the walk and festival ended, a once in a lifetime photo op happened!  All the guys went out to a local Sonic and managed to get every stall on the same side, for one of the coolest starcar photos in a long time!  That’s what I get for missing an event!

Now we have to turn that into a poster!  Too cool!   Next up, the next day, AUTISM Walk at Anaheim stadium!  Still no NATE!

If you want to attend or support DSLA next year, just check out their website at DSLA


Hey Hey the Monkeemobile meets Peter Tork in concert!

By Nate Truman

Star car news comes to me from all over the globe, and the one car that “got away” from Los Angeles is in great hands with another chapter of the SCC  organized by Michael Knight!   Mel bought the iconic Monkeemobile a few years ago and he and his local starcar pals had a fun night in Cleaveland tracking down one of the original Monkee band members, Peter Tork!

Peter Tork is still rocking the house, and performed with his backup band, original songs and performed  a few classics as well!

After a fun concert, Peter did a meet and greet with the fans and signed Monkee stuff, including models and records, but only MEL brought a part of the monkeemobile!

Check out the Monkeemobile Shirts! Nice, Mel!

One Monkee down, 3 to go!   Hey hey we’re the monkees!  And Peter Tork put his signature on this one!

This is the hood of the Monkeemobile, the hunt continues for the other three for a complete set of signatures!  Congrats! SCC Michigan has a great line up of star cars!


Long Beach ComicCon welcomed the fans! Cosplay and starcars, it’s a crossgeeking extravaganza!

Our second time with the Long Beach Comic Con, and we had an all new car line up!  Oscar for some reason got a shot of this superheroine with his Magnum P.I. Ferrari, I don’t understand the connection, Oscar?

Jon “Bumblebee” pulled out all the stops for the fans in his full on Transformer outfit, and was photographed more times than Lindsay Lohan coming out of Rehab!

Obi_Shawns starwars car was a hit as always! Here’s some of the line up outside the main entrance! Starwars next to Magnum P.I. next to Lou’s Starsky and Hutch next to transformer’s Bumblebee! We are by definition cross- geekers in the SCC! (Crossgeeking, TM Nate Truman the combination of two geeky pursuits enjoyed by the same person- please tell webster to add my word to the next edition!)

Here’s a perfect example. Oscar loves Magnum P.I. and he likes sexy women.  I mean Star Trek cosplay.  🙂

Down at the start of the lineup we had Alex and Jenn’s Knight Rider KITT cars. Who doesn’t love KITT?

Oscar met up with the 501st for a group photo, now that’s some serious muscle to protect his Ferrari!

Special Guest appearance by Bryan Fear and his pal driving the  Ghostbuster Ecto-1 car, they were on several missions that day, but stopped to drop off a costume for a friend, and said “hey” to the SCC guys from the street!  A ghostbuster’s work is never done!  Great to see the Ecto driving down the road!

A good time was had by all, and the weather was just great!   I think we will be back to support the Long Beach comic con next time!

Don’t forget, we are at Frank n sons this saturday, rain or shine! But if it DOES POUR,  Get smart will have to take a rain check! (I will have Bruce Wayne deliver the Batmobile no matter what!)

Come meet the guys, we will have 20 cars under one roof! So even if it rains, we will be inside in the middle of the event! Get your photo with your favorite star car! Meet the owners!  Participate in “Geekswapping” (TM 2003 Nate Truman “trading collectibles with others, of totally different geeky hobbies.”  eg. “I will give you a death star lego set, for that 1:18 scale fireball run Batmobile…..”

Next blog the SCC shows up for Downs Syndrome walk, and Autism!

Once again I am playing catch up so stay tuned, starcarfan!


StarCarCentral news update! Wally Wingert gets his Torino, and SCC Australia has a big event! NEXT: 20+ starcars under one roof at Frank N Sons this Saturday NOV 20th! Batmobile, KITT and many more!

Hey StarCar fans! Just a quick update on news around the star car world!  My pal Wally Wingert who you may know from his many voice over characters and the Jay Leno show, has been hunting for his own starcar for some time now!  Well he joined the ranks of the star car owners and his new car is a beauty!

Wally Wingert gets his Starsky and Hutch Torino finally!

Joe Simiana sent a video of the Austrailian gathering of Star Cars, take a look!

Star car gatherings and shows are popping up all over!

Don’t forget, this Saturday, NOV 20th over 20 star cars will be available to get a photo with at the Frank n sons show!


Pumpkin Festival 2010 Herbie, Bumble bee and Back to the Future Delorean represent!

The first time we tried to participate in the Pumpkin Festival in Calabassas, it was burned and blown away, so we went to Dennys!  The second time we had a BIG showing with TWO batmobiles and a Deathrace Mustang and it was sort of hot.  The next time it was TOO HOT and we all spent the day moving into the shade!  The fourth time was the charm, so we will have to have another one like the 2010 event in 2011!

Jon Paul and Ringo… I mean Jason representing Nate Truman’s gang at this years Pumpkin Festival in Camarillo! This time the cars were in the thick of things, and it wasn’t so darn hot, or on fire!

Jon's Transformer Bumblebee

Of course everyone loves a good star car, and the younger fans know the Transformer movies the best! Seeing a transformer up close is always an exciting event!

Jason's car looks so much better, I am not sure what he added...

Jason’s car is always a big hit with the girl young and old…

And girls that are young at heart!

Paul and Reba give away their Fireball cards, they had a few left due to a printing error!  What kid doesn’t want a collector card?   All in all, it was a small but proud group of starcars and a good time was had by all.   It was Pumpkintastic!


Motibello street fair and Starcarcentral was there! Transformers, Knight Riders,

2010 Montebello street fair got it’s second annual visit from the gang!  It helps to be married to one of the core members to get us to your event, and a great goodie bag doesn’t hurt either!

Unlike last time the weather was nice and cool and we had a great turn out of famous movie and TV cars, and even one that was a cartoon!

Star car collection: Back To The Future Delorean, James bond BMW, Transformers Ratchet, batmobile, Magnum P.I. Ferrari KITT, bumblebee and more!

We all got an early start and lined up down the middle of the main street of the fair!

Luis’ Punisher car pulled up next to Jenn’s SPM KITT and Alex’s 3-4 season KITT. Then Nate’s Batmobile and Jon’s Transformer Bumblee.

Oscar's Magnum P.I. Ferrari was a hit with the Firemen!

Every car had it’s fans, and it’s always fun to watch eyes light up as they see their favorite!

CHICO and the MAN lowrider car

A suprise STAR CAR was  the Chico and the Man lowrider car.  It was seen in the opening credits, and also came into the garage on an episode or two.  Check out the inside!

Chico and the MAN... that's a cool interior!

Starsky and .... the Punisher? Now that's a team up!

Luis’ punisher car brought up the back, along with Lou’s Starsky and Hutch Torino!

In the front, Brian's BMW james bond car, Paul's BTTF Delorean, Buckaroo's Ratchet Transformer and our Host, Oscar's Magnum P.I. Ferrari!

Great music, donuts and coffee in the morning, great weather, great goodie bags, I don’t think I will have to ask twice who wants to come next year!

Nate Truman's batmobile even showed up! 🙂

OK so my schedule has been getting in the way of my own group events! But I got the batmobile out of the cave finally, and it was a lot of fun!

Now, I don’t want to hear about any show that “needs more batmobile!” SCC is about the PEOPLE, not the cool cars.  OK it’s a little about cool cars….  🙂

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