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Petersen Museum star car tour puts batmobile next to classics

Once in a great while,  OK almost NEVER the star car central gang goes to something with out their famous cars, and just goes someplace to hang out…. that happens to HAVE famous movie and TV cars!  That was the case when a bunch of the gang visited the famous Petersen museum in Los Angeles on the Miracle mile.  Near the La Brea Tar pits stands the several story structure that houses one of the most diverse and interesting collection of “art” on wheels!

One of the two black beauties from the original GREEN HORNET series is in the “cars of Hollywood” section with rockets and gas guns!

Of course right next to it is the crime fighting car of Batman from the 1992 Michael Keaton movie.

And if they are shining the bat symbol, then we all know, the caped crusader will answer the call!

“Someone call Nate Truman?  I mean Batman?”

This red ferrari was the one from Gumball rally, “What’s behind you doesn’t matter!”  Go rent that film!  it’s a hoot!

For a period on US history, making advertising cars was all the rage, this one was for V8 Juice.

The main floor is a walk through California auto history, and is really well laid out. Cars, gas pumps, dealships from the early days of the motor car, as well as reproductions of one of the classic roadside diners! You may recognize this from the Rocketeer movie!

The first full sized mach 5 based on the cartoon, not the later movie is in the Petersen collection. The doors are painted on, but as far as looking like the original cartoon, this is the best in the world.   “Quick Trixie, get Spridle and chim chim out of the trunk, so we can fight some spies!”

Something that caught Oscar’s eye was this set of “turn signal gloves” from the early days of motoring.  They would reflect red and white and keep your hands safe and warm, while performing the hand signals to alert traffic and horses your intention to change course!

On the top floor is a kids area where you can learn about cars and a new display of 3d versions of kids drawings of fantasy cars.  My favorite thing that I sit and watch everytime I go to the museum is the “thingamajig” I have no idea what it’s called, but it cycles billiard balls around and up and down in constantly changing patterns, ya can’t explain it, you just need to go see it!

So this weekend we will be at the Montebello at the street fair on Saturday the 16, and then at the Pumpkin Festival in Calabassas on Sunday the 17th of October.  Stop by and say “HI!”

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