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StarCarCentral Northwest ROADWAR brings together record number of famous movie and TV cars! news from our northwestern chapter! Dee has been gathering his roadwarrior pals and adding in all the starcars he could find, and brought them together for the ROADWAR NW 2010 show! Here’s his report:

Hi Nate,
Roadwar NW 2010 SCCC was a HUGE SUCCESS!
I wish we had a dedicated
guy who was not tied to the cars that was knowledgeable about movie & TV
cars. Between the Museums collection and all the atendees show cars not
directly related to us we probably would easily had 2x as many “Starcar”
types. But the show is just too big to see it all in one day anyway, and
most of us take pride in being there to talk about the car. You COULD just
drop you car off at the opening bell and leave it all day and MAYBE see
the whole show if you went really fast, making it back it time to pack up.
Lots of the clubs do that, but we are just too interactive of a group.

cars we KNOW were there.

RWNW Starcar Concourse Classic 2010 Roster:
1)KITT [4th Season, Replica]

2)1978 XC Falcon Cobra (Chopper)

3)29 T-Bucket [American Graffiti]

4)Duce Coupe [American Graffiti]

5)Bandit TA (Smoky & The Bandit)

6)KITT [1st season replica, Screen used]

7)Interceptor [Mad Max]

8)Red XA Bat [Roadwarrior]

9)58 Belvedere/Fury clone [Christine]

10)Flintmobile [Flintstones]

11)Striped Tomato (Starsky & Hutch)

12) 1960 Corvair (The Getaway)

13)1960 Corvair Ragtop (That Darn Cat)

14)DMC-12 (back to the future, but only had 88 MPH plates)

15)Jeepers Creepers truck (had Teardrop trailer on back)

16)1948 Tucker Sedan (Tucker)

17)Death Machine (Animal House, located at shows second site, attendees
transported by free shuttle)

18)Vista Cruiser (That 70’s Show)

Celebrity Autograph Tent- Michael Scheffee (Creator of KITT from
Knightrider and the DMC from back to the future)
Best Regards,

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