The guy with all the toys…. opens a museum! Ghostbusters, batmobile, General Lee, Herbie and KITT have a new club house!

Rusty’s TV and Movie cars now have a permanent home!
Rusty and I “Intermet” (NEW WORD ALERT copyright nate truman 2010 – meaning “we met each other on the internet, we “intermet” in a chat room.)
because of our dueling builds of Keaton batmobiles, but he passed me and never looked back! He has a one of a kind movie and TV car collection that really can not be found anywhere else! All the big stars are there, but he also has the only “M.A.N.T.I.S.” car that exsists, the original “Handyman” bike, and an original “NORBURT” purple sparkle MG!
All my pals sell cars to Rusty! He also has the Death Race Mustang that was once in our group. Stop taking our cars off the streets of Los Angeles Rusty! 🙂
He’s allways on the prowl for more starcars and if you are ever in Jackson Tennesee, it’s a “must see” stop for starcar fans!
Here’s some photos of his new place, and below some info from Rusty himself!

“At Rustys TV & Movie Car Museum we have over twenty cars that have been used in movies and TV as well as TV and movie memorabilia. Theres something for all ages! Many of the cars are the actual cars used in the shows and can only be seen here.

I started this museum so I could share my collection with the rest of the world. If you visit Rustystvandmoviecars.com often you will notice that there is always something new going on…

We welcome all school groups, clubs or organizations. We are located in Jackson TN, please feel free to contact me to come and visit my collection at Rustys TV & Movie Car Museum.
Phone: (731) 267-5881 Driving Directions

At Rustys it’s always fun for the whole Family!”

Rustys TV & Movie Car Museum
332 Hollywood Dr
Jackson, TN 38301
Admission $5.00

Open: friday ,saturday, sunday 9:00 – 500
monday – thursday by appointment

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