Charger Steve SCC san diego show

AUG. 15TH CHARGER STEVE WILD RIDES 2! SCC-SD Downtown Pacific Beach!
A new location under the sun in San Diego saw the second gathering of famous movie and TV cars for Charger Steve’s Wild Rides show!

Gary Hunter’s KITT sat next to Alex’s KITT which was talking away and near by Steve’s Mystery Van and General Lee are always crowd pleasers.
new SCC member Tony was there with his freshly restored Smokey and the Bandit Screaming Eagle Trans am!
PAUL BTTF Delorean was there, along with BRIAN’s Robo-Herbie doing his wireless show for the fans.
ARI’s JURASSIC PARK JEEP was on site now that he’s moved down to the San Diego area.

Steve got a big crowd, and they all liked the starcarcentral.com line up San Diego division!

I have to admit, I love mix and matching starcars! The General and Bandit just make each other look better!
Steve’s second show drew a bigger crowd, and there were lots more events and activities, so maybe the starcars weren’t the reason EVERYONE came to the show.
Maybe it was the dog who could ride a motorcycle?

Or maybe it was the scenery?

Whatever it was that made Charger Steve do all this work last year, it seems to have motivated him to do it again. If I could just figure out why Steve puts himself through all this for one short day of fun…. Any ideas?

2 Responses to “Charger Steve SCC san diego show”

  1. 1 Bryan
    August 23, 2010 at 5:07 am

    Very cool. I’m in San Diego and had no idea this show was going on. I’ve seen Charger Steve’s DeLorean at a transmission shop in Poway and only through them do I even know of his existence. No idea how to reach the guy. Either way, kudos on an excellent show. Looked like a great time. Sorry I missed you.

  2. 2 starcarcentral
    August 23, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    Glad you liked the show! Charger Steve is the starcar dude in San Diego, and can always be reached through http://www.starcarcentral.com and send him a message!

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