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“Grip Extrem” German TV car show with Nate Truman and Bob Dullams Batmobiles and James bond’s DB5, what else do you want?

The crew from “Grip Extrem” came to visit my “cave” for a episode of their TV show. They came to see the batmobile, but did a quick interview with KITT first. Then took a drive to sunset blvd. to get the reaction of the people seeing us driving down the strip.
I actually let the host drive the Batmobile! He was a great guy and I had a fun time chatting about his favorite cars. The host has the job I want! He gets handed the coolest, latest, most expensive cars, and then he drives them around for a while and before he gets bored moves on to the next one! In fact after shooting with me for a day, they were off next to Bob Dullam’s cave to drive his Tumbler! To say the least I was a bit jealous! Here’s a teaser for the show that will air next week!

For those starcar fans in the UK or if you are going there any time soon, check out the starcars at THIS museum!
It runs to Sept. 5th!
Our new summer exhibition of famous cars from TV & film includes the Batmobile, the new Judge Dredd vehicle and Shaun the Sheep’s Land Rover, to name just a few. The Star Car exhibit will be here all summer with children’s activities themed around it for the school holidays from 24th July to 5th September.

Cars featuring in the exhibition
Batman’s Batmobile – the promotional car from the original Batman series
Batcycle, original series
Shaun the Sheep’s Land Rover, from the Shaun the Sheep series – arrival date TBC
NEW Land Rover Judge Dredd, the yellow version with full interior to view
James Bond’s Aston Martin Vanquish, from the film Die Another Day
James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS, from the opening scene of Quantum of Solace
Rosie Webster from Coronation Street, her PGO Cevennes that she bought with her newly acquired wealth!
Austin 100hp Grand Prix – Greystoke, The Legend of Tarzan
Dr Who’s ‘Bessie’ a Siva/Ford tourer registration WHO1, built for Jon Pertwee the 3rd Doctor
Lady Penelope’s FAB1, from the Thunderbirds
Truly Scrumptious Humber 8hp from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Lara Croft’s Land Rover Defender, from the film Tomb Raider
FIAT, Noddy in Toyland
Flintstones – family car and sports car
MINI, Italian Job (2004)
Reliant Regal Supervan, Only Fools and Horses – except between 22nd and 26th July

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