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Braille rally brings out StarCarCentral’s Herbie, Back to the Future Delorian, and a Miami Vice Ferrari!

The guys had an awesome event on Saturday! The Braille rally pairs up a volunteer driver with a navigator and all the instructions are in braille. The Navigator needs to be able to read the instructions quickly and accurately, to direct the driver to the finish line! It’s all a reward for the students who have been learning braille.
This was the second year for the SCC, Paul Nigh participated last year, and this time he came away with 5th place!

Like always the Bttf and Robo Herbie were big crowd pleasers. Brian and his “robo-Herbie” on their first time out got 2nd place!

The Rally started in Los Angeles at the Braille Institute and ended up at the Huntington Beach Park for awards, a raffle and lunch. There were approx. 35 to 40 cars in attendance.

Also our own Dave Kunz was there supporting the event but no “Bullet” Mustang!
All the drivers were paired up with navigators, and each team was sent out to follow the directions and get to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Oscar with his classic 80’s Ferrari didn’t win, but I am sure his navigator didn’t mind as he got to ride in a Ferrari all day!

Everyone had a great time, and at the finish line there were presentations and a lunch for all who participated!
I think we will be back in force next year! If you would like to get involved for next year, you don’t need a famous movie car to play! Just contact

Patricia West, Registrar
6471 Newbury Drive Braille Institute Youth Center
Huntington Beach, CA 92647


Christina Tam
741 North Vermont Avenue
714-841-1249 Los Angeles, CA 90029
323-663-1111 Ext. 1208

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