AUG 15th Comedy Central Roasts David Hasselhoff with KITT from Knight Rider!

To top off all the HOFF of late, one last gig with David Hasselhoff at his roast for Comedy central was taped last Sunday night. Here is a promo with my car at the end, spoofing the “I can’t stop this feeling” video.
Thanks to the staff at the Roast, I managed to get in many of the KOTWC aka Knights of the West Coast to the festivities!

This giant HOFF was built for the Spongebob movie, where Sponge bob “surfs” David Hasselhoff. After the movie, they gave it to David! It was wierd.

The hoff sat in a replica of a lifeguard seat to honor his years on Baywatch.

When it came turn for KITT to roast the Hoff, I worked KITT from the stands to make him “talk” with the voice of the original KITT, William Daniels doing the actual talking.

After the show some of the Knight Rider fans gathered for a photo on the Dias where the comics sat!
(I need a shot of the KOTWC group photo! This is a few of the KITT fans with the Knight Rider website press people! They didn’t get to see the show, but worked the red carpet outside! After the show, they came in to see the set and the car)

Alex and AJ and Luis all got Crew passes and polished KITT and got it up on the stage two days before the taping!
They needed sought after passes to get into the closed set!

Ramps were built to get the car up half way, then ramped the rest of the way!

After the show, most all of the Knight Rider fans made their way back stage into the after party so it was the “academy awards” for the Hoff and Knight Rider fans!

Michael Knight did a guest appearance on Baywatch?
KITT is back safely at the Foundation of Law and Government HQ and Alex is breathing easier! No cheeseburgers smashed into KITT’s grill is a good thing!
And speaking of KITT, most of the stage was a tribute to our favorite starcar, Alex wanted to take home the center section for his garage!

Everyone had their own highlights from the night, but for me it was Gena Lee Nolan “recognizing” me, giving me a big hug after refusing my handshake as a greeting! She asked where the baywatch girls were and I pointed her in the right direction. I have NO idea who she thought I was, but it was a nice hug!

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