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Star Cars under the Stars at a Drive In Movie theater in Glendale…… Arizona!

Well there is now a big generation of kids that have never been to a drive-in movie, and it’s getting harder and harder to find a place to even see a movie from your car!
There are a few left, and my star car pal Michael B. is gathering his “Star Carz” at the Glendale Arizona theater!
It’s Customer Appreciation Night at the Glendale-9 Drive-In movie theatre.
The Drive-In is located at 55th Ave & Bethany Home Road in Glendale, AZ.
The Drive in has invited and the ‘Star Cars’ to make an
appearance on September 23, 2010. The Famous movie and TV cars will be parked by the snack bar area.
The event will go into the night, as they will be showing 3 movies, 5:30pm thru 12 midnight?

Event Time: Gates are scheduled to open @ 6:00 pm.

The free movies are Toy Story 3,grown ups,iron man 2. There will be live music by Mike T and the Band starting @6pm.,face painting,bounce houses. movie promotional giveaways, and much more. Still working on some other add ons like airbrush t-shirts, maybe even henna tattoo’s or airbrush tattoos. Should be alot of fun!

Invited to attend at this point will be Starsky and Hutch torino, General lee Charger, Enos cop car, KITT, A-team van,Robocop car – with starcars it’s like trying to get cats to march in a straight line! No promises, but there will be some famous movie and TV cars there and lots to do!

More to come!

The event will have the “Star Cars” to be on scene
to spice up the evening. So bring a blanket if you’d like and
maybe some chairs. 😉

Here’s a link to thei drive in movie theater website for more info an d directions if you want to go.

Just what ever you do, don’t park next to THIS car!

If you are in Arizona and want to check out all the fun events in your area, then you need to visit Michaels web site HERE! For everywhere else, check out the area chapters around the world at
Mike has a great bunch of famous cars that are tearing up the state at events year round! Way to go Arizona Star Cars! They spell it Star CarZ out there, something to do with the Z in Arizona…. 🙂


Chicago has A Rockford Files 1977 Firebird that needs some starcar pals!

Jim Suva is a star car fan and pal who has devoted his spare change and time to the gold firebird from the Rockford Files show.

Jim is ready to “show and shine” with other star cars in Chicago, so where are all the movie and TV cars near by? The family Truckster was close but was sold to a company in Texas. I know there is a Batmobile that goes to the Chicago Comic cons, (AHEM!) so let’s get a chapter started in the Windy City!!!

The Rockford Files sarring Jim Garner, a down on his luck private detective was a fan favorite, as was just about anything Jim Garner was in!
If you want to learn more about the car, check out Jim’s blog on his car with lots of photos and info!
NBC doesn’t want clips on youtube, but here’s the theme song. Each show started with someone leaving a funny or urgent message on his answering machine.

Another article about Jim and his car is HERE.

Here in Los Angeles SCC member Pat McKinney is restoring his 1977 Firebird screen used car in Simi Valley. We look forward to adding Pat and his Rockford Firebird to our Los Angeles Chapter of StarCarCentral. So who has a famous TV or movie car that can hang out with Jim at special events? Please reply if you have seen a starcar in the greater Chicago area!


The guy with all the toys…. opens a museum! Ghostbusters, batmobile, General Lee, Herbie and KITT have a new club house!

Rusty’s TV and Movie cars now have a permanent home!
Rusty and I “Intermet” (NEW WORD ALERT copyright nate truman 2010 – meaning “we met each other on the internet, we “intermet” in a chat room.)
because of our dueling builds of Keaton batmobiles, but he passed me and never looked back! He has a one of a kind movie and TV car collection that really can not be found anywhere else! All the big stars are there, but he also has the only “M.A.N.T.I.S.” car that exsists, the original “Handyman” bike, and an original “NORBURT” purple sparkle MG!
All my pals sell cars to Rusty! He also has the Death Race Mustang that was once in our group. Stop taking our cars off the streets of Los Angeles Rusty! 🙂
He’s allways on the prowl for more starcars and if you are ever in Jackson Tennesee, it’s a “must see” stop for starcar fans!
Here’s some photos of his new place, and below some info from Rusty himself!

“At Rustys TV & Movie Car Museum we have over twenty cars that have been used in movies and TV as well as TV and movie memorabilia. Theres something for all ages! Many of the cars are the actual cars used in the shows and can only be seen here.

I started this museum so I could share my collection with the rest of the world. If you visit often you will notice that there is always something new going on…

We welcome all school groups, clubs or organizations. We are located in Jackson TN, please feel free to contact me to come and visit my collection at Rustys TV & Movie Car Museum.
Phone: (731) 267-5881 Driving Directions

At Rustys it’s always fun for the whole Family!”

Rustys TV & Movie Car Museum
332 Hollywood Dr
Jackson, TN 38301
Admission $5.00

Open: friday ,saturday, sunday 9:00 – 500
monday – thursday by appointment


“GRIP EXTREME” German TV show profiles Nate Truman and Bob Dullam and “Das” batmobiles!

Matthais was the host, and the the whole crew were top notch and fun to spend a HOT day with driving the batmobile around. They have a fun job!
If anyone speaks German and wants to post a translation, or add subtitles, go for it!


Extreme Green Backs the BTTF Delorean, lots of star cars and the Snoop Deville Snoop dogs show car!

Extreme Greene invited the SCC to their Car Show and Movie Night in Covina! Extreme Greene friends, employees enjoyed a screening of “Back to the Future” along with a car show featuring the regulars. The food was good and everyone was friendly and the Xtreme Greene Team was very appreciative to our participation and gave the SCC group some thank you gifts (Waterless car wash spray and cap with Logo) The heat was heavy but we managed to find shelter in the easy ups that they provided. The snoop De Ville is what Snoop Dog uses to arrive at shows. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Paul!


Oscar and his Magnum P.I. Ferrari 308 GTsi on Jimmy Kimmel!

I got a call from Bob from CVS early yesterday and he needed Magnum P.I. ASAP! I gave a call out to Oscar and he answered the call on Thursday 8/20/10.
The Jimmy Kimmel show was doing a spoof of Magnum T.I. or as the plate says Robin T.I.!
Rapper T.I. Hit songs “Swagga Like Us” “Live you Life” (with Rhianna) Had a song with Justin Timberlake. In the skit he is driving the Ferrari and he pulls a pin from a grenade with his teeth and tosses it out of the car. Jimmy Kimmel played the part of “Higgins” the british butler that at the end of the series finally admitted he was actualy ”
Robin Masters” the owner of the estate. Ya just never know what a SCC membership will do for you! Go Oscar!


Charger Steve SCC san diego show

AUG. 15TH CHARGER STEVE WILD RIDES 2! SCC-SD Downtown Pacific Beach!
A new location under the sun in San Diego saw the second gathering of famous movie and TV cars for Charger Steve’s Wild Rides show!

Gary Hunter’s KITT sat next to Alex’s KITT which was talking away and near by Steve’s Mystery Van and General Lee are always crowd pleasers.
new SCC member Tony was there with his freshly restored Smokey and the Bandit Screaming Eagle Trans am!
PAUL BTTF Delorean was there, along with BRIAN’s Robo-Herbie doing his wireless show for the fans.
ARI’s JURASSIC PARK JEEP was on site now that he’s moved down to the San Diego area.

Steve got a big crowd, and they all liked the line up San Diego division!

I have to admit, I love mix and matching starcars! The General and Bandit just make each other look better!
Steve’s second show drew a bigger crowd, and there were lots more events and activities, so maybe the starcars weren’t the reason EVERYONE came to the show.
Maybe it was the dog who could ride a motorcycle?

Or maybe it was the scenery?

Whatever it was that made Charger Steve do all this work last year, it seems to have motivated him to do it again. If I could just figure out why Steve puts himself through all this for one short day of fun…. Any ideas?


“Grip Extrem” German TV car show with Nate Truman and Bob Dullams Batmobiles and James bond’s DB5, what else do you want?

The crew from “Grip Extrem” came to visit my “cave” for a episode of their TV show. They came to see the batmobile, but did a quick interview with KITT first. Then took a drive to sunset blvd. to get the reaction of the people seeing us driving down the strip.
I actually let the host drive the Batmobile! He was a great guy and I had a fun time chatting about his favorite cars. The host has the job I want! He gets handed the coolest, latest, most expensive cars, and then he drives them around for a while and before he gets bored moves on to the next one! In fact after shooting with me for a day, they were off next to Bob Dullam’s cave to drive his Tumbler! To say the least I was a bit jealous! Here’s a teaser for the show that will air next week!

For those starcar fans in the UK or if you are going there any time soon, check out the starcars at THIS museum!
It runs to Sept. 5th!
Our new summer exhibition of famous cars from TV & film includes the Batmobile, the new Judge Dredd vehicle and Shaun the Sheep’s Land Rover, to name just a few. The Star Car exhibit will be here all summer with children’s activities themed around it for the school holidays from 24th July to 5th September.

Cars featuring in the exhibition
Batman’s Batmobile – the promotional car from the original Batman series
Batcycle, original series
Shaun the Sheep’s Land Rover, from the Shaun the Sheep series – arrival date TBC
NEW Land Rover Judge Dredd, the yellow version with full interior to view
James Bond’s Aston Martin Vanquish, from the film Die Another Day
James Bond’s Aston Martin DBS, from the opening scene of Quantum of Solace
Rosie Webster from Coronation Street, her PGO Cevennes that she bought with her newly acquired wealth!
Austin 100hp Grand Prix – Greystoke, The Legend of Tarzan
Dr Who’s ‘Bessie’ a Siva/Ford tourer registration WHO1, built for Jon Pertwee the 3rd Doctor
Lady Penelope’s FAB1, from the Thunderbirds
Truly Scrumptious Humber 8hp from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Lara Croft’s Land Rover Defender, from the film Tomb Raider
FIAT, Noddy in Toyland
Flintstones – family car and sports car
MINI, Italian Job (2004)
Reliant Regal Supervan, Only Fools and Horses – except between 22nd and 26th July


VIPER DEFENDER – a rare starcar goes up for bid! Rare Ford Futura batmobile appearance! Knight Rider Over Morphs!

The last Defender went up to $270,000 but the reserve was $300,000!

One of the rarest starcars out there is the Viper “Defender” from the NBC series that was cancelled and then went into syndication for a few seasons.
My pals at have possibly the only remaining fully working “Defender” from the series.

The basic premise of the show was in the not too distant future the world is full of crime and the government starts up a secret task force with a cool car to fight for Justice. Basically Knight Rider, but the car is just a super car with gadgets – it doesn’t think or talk.
Similar to the “attack mode” in Knight Rider, in this show a “basic” red and then later blue Viper transforms into a grey hardtop custom version called “the defender” and it has grappling guns, stun effects, off road tires etc, as well as some screens in the dash!

Back in the day of the show, the transform shots cost $50,000 each! Now they look more like a great fan film CGI effect.

Still pretty cool (and impossible) but I suffered through this show waiting for the effect shots! The problem is the show was built around one new cool effect, sort of like “manimal”
(Look it up if you want – its a guy who could turn into animals)
But this show just never found the right cast or tone or storyline. Swapping out the original driver, then bringing him back, it was all just a rehash of “Street Hawk” (guy at computer helping cooler guy on super car/bike) “Knight Rider” with a bit of “Robocop” sucky future mixed in. But the car morph effects were always cool!

But seriously, the WHEELBASE gets longer, the tires expand to some sort of off road thing? And it goes from a high profile red viper to a high profile custom hadtop viper? Just leave it as a Defender! But then of course, you wouldn’t have the cool morphs, and that was the only draw for the show!

This was the best show opening, and from the looks of this, I should have LOVED the show. It even tossed in some “Speed racer” with a little “flying bird” that popped out and had a camera inside it! Where did they get THAT idea? 🙂
I kept watching because the morphs were and still are pretty cool, and I tried and tried to like the show. I always liked the car!

I did have to hunt down a copy of one episode on “VIDEOTAPE” (explain that to your younger friends!) where the only screen apperance of a rare Ford Futura Concept car replica was ever seen. The story was they found this fantastic car in a lost underground facility and it was stolen. Sort of a “tucker” story about a guy who designed the car of the future, and the big car companies didn’t want it to be made. I only cared because the Futura Concept car was lost for all time, when it was transformed into the 1966 batmobile for the Adam West series. So this is the only film of a Futura racing around, other than a little footage of the original “pre-batmobile” in the movie “it started with a Kiss” with Glen Ford and Debbie Reynolds.

Here’s some footage of the replica tooling around at a car show.

As a starcar, the Defender has all the required stuff, cool modified car – it’s the star of the show – it was in every episode – and if you buy it or make one, you are SOOO in the membership! However, it was missing that one last important element to send it to the top of the desired tv and movie cars, it had to be a HIT show with lots of fans during it’s run. But I won’t hold that against any starcar that STARTED as a VIPER!
Viper/defender fans, lets bring the show back – or a feature film? I would watch it – just for the effect shots! 🙂

The re-boot of Knight Rider was using the same playbook, and even though all the effects were past the verge of believable I watched every episode!
Check out the transformations in this video!

Let’s here it for fanboy editors with lots of time to put these together! The series lost me promoting other Ford vehicles, when a Mustang turned into a TRUCK? I said, “Hey, and it can turn into Optimus Prine too!” as a joke. Well… then later in the series, they turned the Evil KARR into a giant robot, and the voice of KARR was the voice of Optimus prime!
I was still watching, and smiling!

Tell the truth now, you clicked on a few of those clips more than once! Weather it’s the Defender, Kitt or even Michael Jackson’s face, Morphing is cool!
Stupid impossible cool, is still stupid cool!


Braille rally brings out StarCarCentral’s Herbie, Back to the Future Delorian, and a Miami Vice Ferrari!

The guys had an awesome event on Saturday! The Braille rally pairs up a volunteer driver with a navigator and all the instructions are in braille. The Navigator needs to be able to read the instructions quickly and accurately, to direct the driver to the finish line! It’s all a reward for the students who have been learning braille.
This was the second year for the SCC, Paul Nigh participated last year, and this time he came away with 5th place!

Like always the Bttf and Robo Herbie were big crowd pleasers. Brian and his “robo-Herbie” on their first time out got 2nd place!

The Rally started in Los Angeles at the Braille Institute and ended up at the Huntington Beach Park for awards, a raffle and lunch. There were approx. 35 to 40 cars in attendance.

Also our own Dave Kunz was there supporting the event but no “Bullet” Mustang!
All the drivers were paired up with navigators, and each team was sent out to follow the directions and get to the finish line as quickly as possible.

Oscar with his classic 80’s Ferrari didn’t win, but I am sure his navigator didn’t mind as he got to ride in a Ferrari all day!

Everyone had a great time, and at the finish line there were presentations and a lunch for all who participated!
I think we will be back in force next year! If you would like to get involved for next year, you don’t need a famous movie car to play! Just contact

Patricia West, Registrar
6471 Newbury Drive Braille Institute Youth Center
Huntington Beach, CA 92647


Christina Tam
741 North Vermont Avenue
714-841-1249 Los Angeles, CA 90029
323-663-1111 Ext. 1208

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