star studded birthday bash for nate truman!

I tend to just ignore birthdays, but after enjoying the hospitality of many SCC members, I figured it was my turn to have everyone over for some food and fun, and as it was my birthday I had a reason to party!
Thanks to my amazing wife it all came together with her usualy stlye!

Check out the other batmobile on the wall!
The party got started before we were ready, but hey, in true starcar stlye, we just rolled with it and started the party!

The batcave computer screen was used for wii games and movies, and fun and food were there for everyone who came.

Of course we needed a special cake with every starcar member on the cake! If you were not there, the owner of the car next to your car got a bigger piece! It pays to show up to events!

Thanks to everyone who came over, it was fun, we will have to do it again at a bigger place so we can bring all the cars too!

Alex’s daughter liked our Pooh Bear bush. I should have put a BAT MASK on it!

The best thing about a party like this is it makes you look around at your place and start cleaning up! Twinkle lights under the patio cover were my gift to me! Thanks for everyone who came, and some fun gifts! I got an A-team shirt, a batman superman shirt, a Knight Rider watch, a Batman mask, some hotwheels and diecast Patrol cars cars, dinner at chilis and a meguiar goody bag…. apparently I am still 11 years old! 🙂 Because that’s all stuff I wanted!
Whew, now I am finally caught up…. Just in time for two big weekends!

Seaside lagoon tonight is showing Back to the Future with Paul’s delorean out front, and a pile of star cars will be at the car show at Ruby’s next door today from 4-10 pm. Saturday a few members will be at the SEMA show in Pasadena, then Sunday I film with the German TV show GRIP and maybe revisit the batcave! Next week We load in for the David Hasslehoff Roast. So don’t worry starcar fans, new blogs next week!
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