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KITT VS KARR HERBIE vs. Masarati MC-12 and ROBOCOP RISES from the rust! Plus join us this Friday at Seaside Lagoon! Back to the Future!

Starcar news happens all over the place, and there is no WAY I can cover it all, but here are a few updates on SCC members!
KITT and KARR went head to head again for a photo shoot for High Speed Magazine, and Alex Wong and Dan Trukillo Jr. took their KITTs down to do a photo shoot.

Check out that crazy truck behind them!

DJ the photographer wanted to check out Alex’s top notch dash!

Then Jerry with his Herbie got a nice parking space next to another white car. a Maserati MC12!

The Pictures of Herbie and the MC12 were taken at The Riverside Auto Museum.

The guy that owns it and about 5-6 Million in race cars is a land developer and built this building for his collection and has the largest collection of Riverside Raceways memorabilia.

He has two full time archivist and a mechanic and they were nice enough to allow Herbie inside and park next to His $1,400,000
Jerry thougt it was kinda funny as the owner of the whole collection was taking pictures of Herbie? LOL!

As I have “infected” all my star car pals with the idea that they can have more than just ONE famous car, Mark G. aka “Adam-12” decided to do something about us losing our Robocop car, and went and got one!

He sold his “Emergency” fire truck, so now there is room for OCP’s latest cruiser! I bet he gets it done before I finish the other batmobile… heck, he might beat the A-Team van!

Join us this Friday the 23rd at Seaside Lagoon for an outdoor showing of Back to the Future, with a TIME MACHINE DELOREAN right there to get your picture with, along with a few other suprise starcars!

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