Aldersgate Parade Starsky and Hutch join KITT, BTTF Delorean, and Magnum P.I. Ferrari for the 4th!

yeah, I know it’s July 21st. I am finally getting around to finishing all the SCC did during that one weekend!
I was contacted by
Aldersgate Retreat to have 4 starcars be in the Pacific Palisades 4th of July parade.
A great little place with an adorable chapel next door, that is run by the Methodist Church as part of their retreat and camp facilities.
Paul and Reba took them up on their offer of a room and enjoyed their two night stay, but everyone else was too busy to join them, including my family!

Everyone found the place, and after parking the cars, we were treated to a nice lunch of burgers and hotdogs. What else do you serve on the 4th?
Then off to the parade that was very well attended, and we were amazed that people’s chairs were out along the route staking out their spots the night before!

Paul posed with an Aldersgate volunteer that ended up riding with Alex in KITT.

I rode as Hutch with Scott in his Torino striped tomato and had fun playing cops and robbers!
“Where’s Huggy bear?” got a few laughs, but the people really loved his big accurate Sweater from the show that Starsky? wore!

This was Scott’s first SCC event, and he’s finishing a BANDIT so we hope to see a lot of him in the future!

Oscar brought his red Ferrari, not the blue one – and cruised through the crowds at blurry speeds! (Or, there was some stuff on the lens….)

After the parade we all gathered back at the center, for some cookies and lemonade!

The weirdest thing in the parade, is a woman who came out and had to kiss all of the starcars!
Don’t believe me? Here’s a KITT KISS!


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