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4th of July at CBS and in Pacific Palasades Aldersgate events! The OTHER batmobile appears, and a new Starsky joins up!

Yeah, I know, too many posts on one day but I have time to catch up so I am gonna do it!
After the Lake Forrest parade on July 3rd 2010, the next day had a show AND a parade. At the CBS fireworks show teamed up again with TMPCC as a display in a soundstage and there were some nice cars there.

A few SCC members parked in a sound stage so the cars and people were not out in the sun. The guys were parked and ready to go by 3:00PM and people started coming in around 5:00pm.

Tom brought his great bat out for everyone to see, and I like to show off Tom’s shiny bat when ever I can!

Here’s Lynda with the Torino, she brings the snacks, so she should get a little screen time now and then, right Lou? Behind Lynda is Sue’s Get Smart Sunbeam. Cliff tried to get there with his Herbie, but Herbie had other ideas and blew his lid on the way there. 😦

Everyone went out to watch the fireworks show and it was pretty good, according to Lou! The highlight of the day was meeting actress Geena Davis and she did say that Lou’s car was “very cool”. A great shout out to Ken Latka and the team at TMPCC for taking care of whatever the guys needed.
Meanwhile, out near Malibu a parade was taking place….

Organizing 3-4 events a weekend was NOT part of my plan, but I was glad that I could get lots of the gang to an event somewhere! I was taking calls most of the morning finding missing cars and discovering a great little secret place called “Aldersgate” before the parade got started. I am such a patriotic guy I am gonna drag out the 4th of July to next week, because this is just too much blogging for one day! Next week, the end of the 4th, the big birthday bash, and more with the HOFF!


Knight Rider Shelby Mustang original screen used car found!

Well it wasn’t lost, but the Knights of the West Coast found it in a collection, and the owner was gracious enough to invite the Knight Rider fans over for a look! To learn more about the collection and the guy who is behind it, click here!
I have a stupid day job, but many of the KOTWC group and Lou showed up to check it out, and all the other cool cars!

Check out the cool interior!

All the gang with the reel deal!
Then a little Knight Rider lunch at in and out KITT style! Wait, is that KARR?

10 France chapter, has their big event July 17-18 this weekend! SCC California at the Glendale Crusie Night on the 17th!

Claude has put together a big weekend event, and gathered starcars from around Europe to gather for a fun and rare event for star car fans in Europe!
Check out the video, and send me photos of the event if you attend! international! We keep on collecting new friends and cool vehicles!
Ghostbusters, Back to the Future Delorean, Transformers, Harry Potter car, Starsky and Hutch Torino and a few surprises I am sure! Have a great time!

Meanwhile you can see a big bunch of star cars at Glendale Cruise Night THIS WEEKEND!!!!!
JULY 17TH it is a mob scene! FYI CHUBBY CHECKERS is going for a world record of people doing the twist!
Back to the Future Delorean, Adam-12, Herbie, Get Smart, and starsky and Hutch are gonna be there! Come hang with the SCC!


4th of July Nate Truman’s STARCARCENTRAL.COM is all over Southern California! Scooby Doo, KITT and Herbie visit Jurrasic park?!

Hey starcar fans! Well I am still catching up, as always, and the 4th of July was an all over the place weekend. my Starcar gang were in two parades, and at CBS for a 4th of July fireworks show all in one weekend!
On the 3rd Lake Forest had is back for a second year, with a different line up.

Jennifer brought her SPM KITT to the Lake Forrest parade,

along with KITT was the Scooby doo van from Charger Steve and Mercedes, and Brandon and his cosplay pals turned out a great Velma and Shaggy!

Brian’s Herbie was a hit shooting water down the parade route and doing it’s tricks.

Ari’s Jurassic park jeep made it’s parade debut and as always, Jennifer had to have a shot of her sitting on the hood (it’s sort of her “thing”)!

So up she went, and when she got off, there were some new claw marks from a raptor! Looks like a Jennbuttasaurus to me!

Paul brought his Back to the future Delorean down, but just to flip burgers for Brian!
Apparently Ari is still mastering the parallel parking trick. You are getting better, Ari! You didn’t hit the house! 🙂
I showed up at the end of the parade and found a shady spot just in time to watch my starcar pals drive by. The weather was SOOOO much nicer than last year!

After the parade, we had a great time at Brians house and took turns taking rides in a remote control recliner! I have the coolest pals!
Dennis (in the chair) is a long time Knight Rider fan, and Jenn let him drive around the block and check out her new dash.

But no time to relax, the next day was the 4th of July!

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