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Adam West Polishes my Batmobile!

The Natemobile has taken me on many strange and wonderful adventures over the years, and I never know what the next call will bring. A few weeks ago I gota request to do a “spec” commercial, and it starred my car and the original TV batman, Adam West! Well, when Adam wants the batmobile, you gotta answer the bat-signal!! A young ambitious producer had put the shoot all together, and the Batmobile was delivered early in the morning to do a long day of shooting!

Now if you have never been on the set of a commercial or day shoot, it’s a long boring process most of the time. Lots of lighting, setting up equipment, adjusting make up and take after take of the same couple of lines. The production has to have all the shots they need at the end of the day, and once they move on from one “set up” there is no going back, so multiple takes of the same scene over and over are par for the course.

There is often a small army behind the camera, to get that perfect shot.

Adam at 82 is still a top notch pro at his job, and he gave the producer and director take after take with his trademark timing. Every time I spend some time with Mr. West, I think to myself that I hope I have that much energy when I get to his age!

I won’t spoil the story line in hopes that this commercial will end up on the air or Youtube, but Adam not only added his personal style and talent, but was “pitching” funny and creative ideas to the director and producer inbetween every take!
I had a pleasant day chatting with Adam’s Agent Fred, and we swapped TV stories and discovered we work literally around the corner from each other, one building away!

Spending a day watching Adam West work his acting magic while polishing my batmobile was a great treat for an old school batman fan like me! I first met Adam in 1986 when I booked him on the Wil Shriner show for one of the very first “reunion” shows. that was the day that I got the silly idea to own my own street legal batmobile! As for Adam, I am so glad he wants to keep working because the batfans and Adam West fans will keep watching!

To the batmobile Adam! You missed a spot on the fender there….. 🙂

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