Barrett Jackson moves to California, and Starcarcentral.com and Fireball Run bring KITT, The Batmobile, Herbie, Starsky and Hutch and Adam-12 Patrol car to show their support!

Barrett Jackson is the top auction house of classic cars, and all the starcarcentral.com gang were happy to hear they are finally going to have a regular presence in Southern California! They had a short fun-run to raise awareness of the new auction, and J. Sanchez from Fireball Run invited a few star cars to attend and pass out fliers to help find missing children.

Nate Truman of http://www.starcarcentral.com and J. Sanchez of Fireball Run together again!

After a stop to get organized at the big mall, we had a big police escort through town stopping traffic to the fair grounds, where we had an impromptu car show.

Lou and Lynda were happy to help out, in their flawless Starsky and Hutch Torino!

Mark G. shined up his Adam-12 patrol car for the event, always a fan and Police favorite! (Rumor is Mark is working on a ROBOCOP OCP Cruiser….)

Cliff and family brought the NASCAR Herbie and got there just in time to join in the parade over to the fair grounds.

Nate Truman’s batmobile looked good back in Fireball Run Stickers! They found “Team 66’s” missing child a while ago and that’s the reason Nate and http://www.starcarcentral.com supports J. and the Fireball run rally across America.
Click to learn more!

Alex met J. for the first time, and of course, J suggested that Alex do the Fireball Run in 2010!

After some starcar story swapping we headed out to find a place to eat. Little did we know that was going to be a wild goose chase, as we drove in circles looking for any restaurant, but instead we just found airport hangers and commercial buildings! Eventually we found a Denny’s and all piled into the empty restaurant.

We had a great time and found out that we were the last people to eat there -EVER! That was the last night the place was open, they were closing down the restaurant for good!
A fun quick event for a good cause and the guys are still passing out the flyers for the new missing children. Unfortunately I had to remove my stickers the next day as the Batmobile had an appointment for a wash and wax… From Batman himself, Adam West! Here’s a sneek peek!

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