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Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Gets slimed on the way home!

Our pal Sean who brought out the long awaited Ecto-1 Ghostbuster car to Fraizier park seemed to have a fun day with the car. But after he left the show,
things went from bad to worse! I gave him a stern talking to about how any of us would have come to his rescue, or at least gone and sat with him in the sun, but we didn’t know!

Here’s Sean’s account of the rest of his day, with his permission! We are so SORRY SEAN!!!!

The Ecto was definitely struggling a bit on the drive up into the desert,….oddly enough,…it was on the way BACK, (I suppose it was the late afternoon heat as it was about 20 degrees cooler in the morning drive up), I started to lose power in the engine.

I was literally standing on the gas pedal and was barely breaking forty so I pulled over immediately. Massive overheat and the bypass tube was puking coolant onto the ground like an artery that had been cut, while the radiator cap let off a low level hum as it tried to relieve the pressure.

Had to let it cool down, started it again,….sounded AWFUL. Just awful. I didn’t trust it so I listened to that little voice, (aka Kelly! LOL!), and called AAA for a flatbed. We waited on the side of the road in the blistering heat for two hours before they showed up, (while idiot people kept pulling off on the shoulder and asking for pictures)…we towed it back to Pasadena and got it running enough that we at least got it back into the yard. J came out, we popped the hood and started troubleshooting.

By the time we were done it had cooled down considerably. J and I calculated that it was a combonation of the heat and the newness of the car’s usage that put it a little over the edge. The oil was as black as midnight but we figured it was pretty-well cooked in the overheat and while it sounded a little “throaty” it was definitely more like it’s old self so,….we decided to do the dumb thing and take it to the charity event we had been “booked” for.

A forty mile drive to Chatsworth and once again it was fine on the way there,….

On the way home,….same thing only worse. We managed to get off the freeway and roll into what was probably THE ONLY CLOSED gas station in all of So-Cal. We left Kelly there with the car, walked a half a mile to an open gas station, bought some anti-freeze and two quarts of fresh synthetic and did triage on the thing in the dark.

We waited,… it started, made it one,….maybe two exits and this time smoke was pouring out. we limped off of the highway and gave up at the corner of Coldwater and Kling.

Called AAA again for another flatbed, the second time that day, I wanted to cry.

We waited for three hours for the flatbed to show up. During that time, it was an endless parade of insane and drunken nightlife coming and going past that car. I was in NO mood to answer any questions, I can assure you. At one point, a car-load of gang bangers stopped, ( “DA-YUM! Is dat the Ghossbustuh’s car!?”). Kelly locked herself in the front seat as they peered through the window.

The flatbed got there at three-thirty in the morning and as the idiot driver tried to put two-by-fours under the rear wheels to give it a little more height, He skewered one of the rear fender bezels with it like a spike through a railroad workers head. Tearing the body and ripping the bezel off of the bracket with a metal squeal,….fucking moron.

I got home at four thirty in the morning to find Kelly’s dog sick and puking. By the time I got her settled the sun was coming up.

That was my day.

We found the thermostat was stuck, (rusted) in the CLOSED position. NO coolant was getting to the engine and I have no idea how long that was going on. I dunno how much engine damage was done,….I’m kind of avoiding it right now. Honestly I just don’t have the strength right now. 😦

Please apologize to the guys this weekend. I trust they’ll understand but I think Ecto is in drydock until Comic-con. 😦

I’ll keep you posted.

I still had fun at the show though. Thanks for having me there.


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