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CAR SHOW MANIA~! HUNTINGTON BEACH /BRETWOOD/VALLEY/SIMI STARCARCENTRAL.COM IS EVERYWHERE AT ONCE! Mach 5 is not just a car, it’s the speed we are moving at every weekend!

June 5th 2010 STARCARCENTRAL.COM was at HUNTINGTON BEACH CONCOURS to support Fireball Tim

BRIAN was there with ROBOHERBIE and the crowd loved all of his tricks
But he still found time to clown around in Paul’s DeLorean!

And there was a rare sighting of a starcycle (TM Nate Truman 2010) from the movie and REALITY the world’s fastest Indian! Land speed record holder!

CHUCK brought his “RODRIGUEZ” and probably walked away with another trophy!

and new to a SCC event, GARY HUNTER brought his KITT and spent the day getting to know the SCC gang!

On the same day, at the Valley Car Show and Traffic Safety Fair.

MARK G. “ADAM 12” brought his pal Ted with his classic police car for Ted’s second appearance with the SCC!

JASON brought his HERBIE
(Who also gets credit for many of the photos for the blog, thanks Jason!) Got the Mach 5 to spend the day, and the owner tossed him the keys!

LOU’s Torino with the red car and white stripe looked great next to the Speed Racer Mach 5 with the white paint job and Red stripe!

But it was all about helping out the boys in blue, thanks guys for all that you do!

Then the next day, we were at it again!
June 6th, 2010 the SCC was in Simi Valley parking with the Valley Mustang Club.

First, the cars!

and then the stars!

JASON with his Dad and gal pal came in their HERBIE
LOU and Lynda with their STARSKY and HUTCH Torino
OSCAR with his red MAGNUM P.I. Ferrari
ALEX brought his KITT and finally got to one of Lou’s famous BBQ’s afterward,
And Jerry with his classic Herbie were the regulars. Special guest for the second time at a SCC event was the owner of one of the screen used trucks from fast and furious that “stole” tankers in the film! Too cool!

Meanwhile, across town even MORE SCC members were gathering at the Brentwood Science fair. They had the BD-5 jet from ‘Octopussy’, and the world’s biggest flyable models that were built for the movie ‘Aviator’
SUE GET SMART didn’t make it, but she got us involved in it! Sue will be off the “injured list” soon! But they found a car Sue needs to park her Get Smart Sunbeam next to, check out the licence plate!

PAUL was signing up a autograph storm as Doc with his BTTF Delorean!

Paul signed so many autographs for the kids that he never
had a chance to do his classic “technical” demonstration of Brian’s RoboHerbie tricks. At
one point he had a line of 20-30 people waiting!
Brian found a American Lafrance fire truck that he sat in and thought it was a likely candidate for the base car of a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang project… just needs to be about three feet lower to the ground!

WHEW! So next, tomorrow June 12 2010, on Saturday while I spend the day prepping the A-Team van for the paint booth you can see BTTF and Herbie at the Fountain Valley Community Foundation last year the show attracted 7500 spectators, nearly 400 cars.
Location_of_Event: 16400 Brookhurst St., Fountain Valley, ca. 92708

Then on Sunday see the gang on JUNE 13TH at the Burbank Road Kings show!

Come hang out with JASON and his HERBIE
and PAUL BTTF DeLorean! Meanwhile, I will learn from the Ferrari owners of America how to run a club in Palos Verdes with Oscar Magnum P.I.! I will be doing some private investigating of my own, and see what sort of dues those guys are paying! 🙂

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