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Ghostbuster Ecto, Batmobile and a 4×4 vette? Frazier Park Ridge Run Movie car Madness!

Sometimes a little misunderstanding starts something big, and that was the case for this show. The SCC was invited to Fraizier Park, and for some reason I thought that sounded like it was near Alhambra, or Monrovia a nice flat short drive for most of the members. After saying “SURE!” then I google mapped it! It was at the top of the Grapevine at over 4000 ft.! It was also about as far north as the SCC Hollywood/Los Angeles chapter would ever go.

Because it was so far north, I thought of passing this show to Paul who lives in Bakersfield. Paul had been interested in starting a Central California version of the SCC, that’s right, he would be SCCCC! I tossed the ball to Paul and said “it’s all yours, all I ask is you have some cold Diet Coke and I will be happy!”

After about 1000 emails, we all hit the road for a serious road trip UP UP UP past magic mountain on our way to the small town of Frazier Park!

I brought along a documentary crew from France that rode along in the batmobile, and shot Magnum P.I. and Herbie as we climbed out of Los Angeles and into the mountains.

Past Piramyd lake, we were truly out of the city! I had flashbacks of the Fireball Run driving across wide open contry.
We all arrived safely, and Paul had put out “STARCAR” signs so no one got lost or turned around.

Sitting at the corner was a fun find by Paul, a 4×4 corvette!

The view at this car show was unlike any other the SCC has been too!

Special guest Michael Scheffe was there and Jenn had to get him on the hood of her KITT!

Sean showed Michael the inner workings of the Ecto-1, while most of us enjoyed the VIP lounge Reba and Paul had provided for us around the corner! Thanks Reba for all your help!

Paul stated correctly, “You were the real stars here. Without your participation, this show would have never gotten off the ground.”
Here was the final count in alphabetical order

1 Alex: KITT – Knight Rider
2 Bob: Fast and the Furious
3 Brian: Robo Herbie – The Love Bug
4 Charlie: Steve McQueen’s Bullitt
5 Gary: Highway Patrol
6 Jason: Herbie, The Love Bug
7 Jennifer: SPM Knight Rider
8 Jerry: Herbie, The Love Bug
9 Joe: Transformer’s Bumble Bee
10 Lou: Starsky and Hutch
11 Mark: Adam 12 Police Car
12 Michael: 4×4 Vet
13 Mike: Vanishing Point
14 Nate: The Batmobile
15 Oscar: Magnum PI Ferrari
16 Paul: Mad Max Interceptor
17 Paul: Back to the Future Delorean
18 Sean: Ghostbusters’ Ecto 1

Also there without cars were:

Jason (Buckaroo) Ybarra
Kevin Pike car star agent
Michael Scheffe designer of KITT and many movie creations
Nick Nuggent Knight Rider companion author
Cliff Calabro and Family! (Nascar Herbie had a blow out at around 100 MPH!)

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We had a great day, and jason made me an amazing replica of my batmobile in the fireball in 1:64 edition!

Then he gave me a full scale replica of his girlfriend!

Amazing work, Jason!
All in all it was a big sucess, with great food and speaches to top it off. As for that one request that Paul was supposed to take care of? Well, there was only full calorie pepsi in the cooler, and Oscar and I had to hunt down a diet coke at the local store, then we had to drink it out of Pepsi cups!

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