Green Hornet and the Black Beauty 1966 imperial and George Barris bumps the batmobile!

If you are into starcars, you know George Barris’s work. As the self proclaimed King of the Kustomizers, he is chiefly responsible for the tv version of the Batmobile, the Munster Coach and Dragula, and along with his brother Sam he was at the forefront of the “lead sled” customizing of the 50’s.

Normally the SCC doesn’t want trophies, so as a group we don’t attend car shows. But for the King, well, ya gotta make exceptions!

I wrote Joji (Georges DOC, Daughter in Charge) and offered up our services!
Hi Joji,
Just wanted to let you know several of the movie and TV car owners want to honor your dad and are attending his upcoming show. If you want the cars near his booth, all the owners would be glad to park nearby like my Knight Rider club pals did last year.

Cars available are KITT, Starsky and Hutch Torino, BTTF Delorian, 66 batmobile, Get Smart Sunbeam and a few others. …we just wanted to offer them up to support the King of the Kustomizers!
let me know what we can do!

As usual, the SCC didn’t dissapoint! Even though we were split at other shows (see Linda Blair post) still rows of famous movie and TV cars showed up bright and early!

The Knights of the West coast showed up in force, and lined up with Lou in his Starsky and Hutch Torino, Oscar made sure Magnum PI was represented, Back to the Future Delorian, and Luis punisher car and the blues brothers brought up the rear of the line.
After being moved around by various police, put in alleys and split up, eventually everyone found a place to park!

Knights of the west coast all in a row!

Even though we got split up we eventually all found each other for our usual swapping of the starcar stories, and dumb jokes!

I left my batmobile at home by request of Joji, so I got to sleep in and gave my spot to the Tazmobile. I had to show up and hang out though and look for star cars to add to our ranks!
One in particular was there, a Green Hornet Black Beauty from the east coast. Just seeing it in person made me send another encouraging letter to my brother Mark who has his black beauty in the PAINT SHOP and will be crusing with us this SUMMER!

My cosplay pal Scott Sebring, usually sporting bat-togs had a spot on Green Hornet costume for the occasion, and took some amazing photos with Kato and the car!

Scott Sebring and Nate Truman fight over who gets to take the car for a spin!

Scott and I discussed who should be the first to drive it around the block, and it quickly turned heated.

Nate had a convincing argument!

I convinced Scott that it would be in his best interest if I went first.
So when I was done, I let Scott have a turn!

black beauty green hornet scott sebring

This owner has done a lot of personal changes that differ from the original, but it’s a one of a kind “beauty!”

Scott did have to trade me his extra Kato in exchange for full access to the car.

Next up a quick tour with Alex Wong looking for Star cars, and we found some fun cars that could certainly hang with us.

Of course that meant that Alex’s KITT was left unattended…. Danny decided to try KITT out while he had the chance! I think Luis was in charge of watching KITT….

I knead some bread, man!

There was a helms bakery truck that has to be one of VERY few still around that caught my eye.

I love weird and wacky cars, and I always have to check out rare military vehicles. This 1974 steyr-Puch Pinzgauer 710K got an instant free membership in the SCC when I saw his poster next to his car!
I have often said that part of having a star car is having to answer the same 5 questions all day long by fans. This guy had solved that problem with a simple sign! I like his sense of humor as well!

EVIL Bumblebee? The next KITT?

I didn’t find any bonafide star cars, but I did find MY next daily driver once I stop driving star cars like KITT and the Batmobile to work. Meguiers bought all the options I wanted! Now to convince them to sell it to me after they are done polishing it for a car show season or two!

Wait a second Nate, I'm in charge of the NEXT show?

I left the team enjoying the sunshine and early start time after making sure Paul was clear on the ONE detail he should take care of for his first show in Frazier Park. Diet Coke. They sell it everywhere. I am sure he will take care of it.

I found one photo I wasn’t sure why Alex took it, I guess to make sure everyone knew it was the end of the blog.

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  1. 1 Britt
    March 1, 2012 at 2:40 am

    Awesome Pics.

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