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Ability First Oscar night, Linda Blair reunion (sort of) and the bumble with Barris

OK, not sure if I can fit all of this in one post! It was a busy weekend and star car members were literally all over the map helping out charities and hanging with stars and cars all around southern California.
First up on a Friday night we had two members requested for this years “Ability First” red carpet event for special needs Adults in Pasadena.
J Ryan showed up to deliver Doc Brown in his screen accurate Back to the Future Delorean! (There is no “I” in Delorean or team or for that matter right Reba?)

Tiger Woods Look-a-like arrives in Mark G.'s Adam-12 cruiser

And Mark G brought his Adam-12 car to deliver a spot on Tiger Woods look-a-like who Mark said was “super cool!”

He also got the real ‘Steve-O’ mad when he asked if he wanted to pose with hand-cuffs. (Steve-O has had a few run in’s with the law) good times and everyone had a fun time helping out!!!

The real Steve O talks with a surreal Joan Rivers.

Steve O takes it on the chin...

The next day, Mark G was back out on patrol with his Adam-12 cruiser in La Verne for Linda Blair’s pet adoption event, organized by a private eye named Becky, who also just happens to be one of the stars of the movie “This film is not yet Rated”

Brian brought his James Bond 007 BMW car,

Jerry brought out his Herbie,

and they were joined by Ted who arrived with his Pasadena police car.

More importantly Ted brought a tent and provided shade all day which the guys and Brian’s dog enjoyed! Brian won an autographed
photo of Rodger Moore in the charity raffle which he plans to trade to one of the Bond guys for some BMW gadget display pieces. As I could not be in two places at once, the gang put in about $20 to try and get me the autographed plaque of
Adam West (donated by Adam West himself) but no luck. Thanks for trying guys!

In a new example of Cross-geeking, Brian wrote:
One of my favorite movies back in 1996 was the Fox
remake of “Doctor Who”, which I must have watched 10 or 20 times.
Eric Roberts, who played the villain in that flick, was one of Linda
Blair’s guests. He was a really nice fellow and we enjoyed chatting
about my dog and how he was a great over-the-top ‘Shakespearean’
villain in Doctor Who.”

To top off the crossgeeking Mark G. who owns the Adam-12 car printed out a photo of me in “Hell Night” with Linda Blair I did back in 1982ish, (I couldn’t be there as I was busy with my batmobile that day with George Barris) and got Linda to sign it for me! That’s a lot of crossgeeking (Def: when two geeky things collide – Trademark, Nate Truman, 2003, it’s my word but feel free to spread it around!)

Thanks Linda! Boy do I have a few stories from that shoot! I got to drive a vette in the film, so I was DRIVING ON SCREEN movie cars even back then! 🙂

Where’s Linda in the photo? just to the right of Vince Van Patten, Dick’s son. Love that purple jumpsuit!

All night long shoots with playboy playmates and bored actors! Favorite line from Vince when talking with him “I’ve been in 14 films, but this is the first one I KNOW is going to be released!” Yikes!

If you watch the trailer, i am driving the red car, with the blonde on the hood, and I am behind Peter Barton in the black hat. You may have to freeze frame it, that’s how big a part I had! 🙂

OK, this was too much for one post but just remember this show and the Barris show were the same day! Tomorrow (no promises, but that’s the plan) the Big Barris blunder in Bulver Bity! Ok, it’s Culver City, but I needed the “B’s”

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