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Edelbrock Show and Bumblebee joins!

You may or may not know this, but I HATE getting up early! I do that all week long, and I don’t want to do it on Saturdays. So my aversion to early lineups for car shows is very strong. Still if it’s a show for a good cause and the show is just down the road, and a bunch of the other SCC members want to go, then I will drag myself out of bed. Besides I just never know if I will connect with a new star car owner and that keeps me going!

This is the 5th year of the show, and it benefited The Center For Learning Unlimited. The Center For Learning Unlimited is dedicated to the learning advancement of kids identified as Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD), Bipolar Disorder or PPD/PPD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder/-Not Otherwise Specified). They work personally with each kid to teach them in ways that they understand so they become valuable members of society. It’s a really great cause, and you can find out more about it by visiting the CLU’s Website. Or check out a few photos of us on their show page. So I drive the whole 3 miles with Alex in his KITT and we park in the wrong line, but I don’t care because I see a Barris inspired horseless carriage and I hopped out to chat with the builder and owner.

Now that is HORSE POWER!

After chatting with the owner for a while, Lou and Paul alerted me to the fact that I passed up the VIP entrance and Alex and I should get out of line and come set up for the day in the star car section.

So once everyone was in place, I started hunting starcars!

I just started walking down the line of cars, and spotted a familiar yellow Camaro. I asked him if he was with a Camaro club and if he wasn’t I suggested he should park with us! (Ya never know if they love the car, or the showcar!) I figured the “bumblebee” sticker and the transformer package was a good sign he was a fan.

So Joe slipped right into the line up and was welcomed by the crew! Even better, he lives near Paul in Bakersfield so SCC-CC got another regular member (Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t complain about long early drives around the Bakersfield guys!)

Joe’s tricked out Camaro looked great in the line up, and he has gone all out on his car!

Check out the licence plate!

One of the Transformer package limited edition Camaros

Joe bought the “Transformer” package, that includes Autobot shields, and custom seat embroidery, but that wasn’t enough for Joe!
Check out his engine cover!

Once everyone was in place and the blues brothers had their tip jar out working the crowd,

we set up camp and proceeded to do the freeform wandering and chatting we all enjoy!

Sue and Reba notice that Paul's cookies are done...

Eventually we will get our act together and have a plan to bring food and drinks as a team, but for now we survive on Sue’s snacks, Lynda’s lemon bars, and water!

The show started to wrap up, Cliff and Justice and Herbie headed out for a nap and we packed up while they gave out the awards.
Because I routinely tell organizers we don’t want trophies I don’t pay attention to the announcer when that stuff is happening, but then I heard them announce “Winner of the best car from the 80’s, ALEX WONG!” So Alex had to run around the corner and meet the Edelbrock family and pick up his trophy!

Alex, she is not your trophy!

KITT wins edelbrock award!

My favorite thing I saw all day was the HOT wheel Deora II, but even better the new full size hotwheel track it was sitting on! I need that in my garage!

We made a plan to go down to Ruby’s on the beach for an early dinner. We ended up creating our own car show as we had the place to ourselves and parked in front of the windows. Mark “Adam-12” Paul and Reba in the Back to the future delorean, Lou and his Starsky and Hutch Torino, Alex and KITT, and Oscar with his Magnum P.I. car all lined up with my Batmobile was an impromtu second show as we enjoyed dinner. Joe, Sue, and the Blues Brothers had to head off to other places, but it was a fun starcar day and I was glad I got up early!

Joe “Bumblebee” later sent me photos and dispelled any and all doubts he was a total starcar fan!


NEXT ON STARCARCENTRAL.COM – Nate continues to try and catch up, but when has three events in two days, it’s hard to do! Ability first year three, Linda Blair Pet adoption and memories of her time with Nate in “Hell Night”, and Barris and the big batmobile bloopers and blunders! Stay tuned, starcar fan! the best is yet to come!

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