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I know, you are saying “Nate, the Anahiem comic con was a few weeks ago, what’s with the delay? (see previous post on where my spare time has been going!) but I will try to catch up! The SCC has had a lot of events, even three on one weekend! (and in a weird turn of events, I didn’t bring a car to any of them, but that’s for the next post!)

The Anahiem Comic con is a brand new con, and they wanted to bring in a few star cars for the event. Paul with his BTTF delorian, took lots of photos of fans in his car, here is Lynda taking a turn!

Then Paul Miller with his Mad Max interceptor, “Hey Paul, is the steering wheel supposed to be on that side?”

and Sean (who is not named Paul) were all supposed to attend.

Two out of three ain’t bad! The Ghostbuster Ecto was almost ready, but slimer caused a leak, and instead they rolled the car out to meet Dan Akroyd! The ghostbusters and knightbusters showed up, but no car at the con!

Also there was a replica batmobile built by Bob butts that the Barris clan brought along,

and just about every old star from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s!

Ed Asner – from “UP” Kevin Sorbo Hercules – Micky Rooney – Micky Dolenz

DATA Brent Spiner – Adam West – Soup Nazi and Luis’ family – and The Shatner

The best part for me was the RED MIST car from KICK A$$ the new superhero movie!

Thanks to Steve Carpenter from Galpin Ford GAS for giving me full access to check out the red mist, and a trip to the “kicka$$” customizing HQ at Galpin Ford is in the works!

For lunch we took the train… Towmater Mike hooked us up with this great ride owned by his pal PAUL (no, I am not making this up, soon we we all have to change our names to Paul to own a star car!
I suggested he turn it into the Back to the Future time traveling train!

We all crammed in, and I kept the tailgaters away from the back!

After lunch (thanks, Brian! it was delicious!) We went back on the train, and enjoyed the rest of the show. Some enjoyed wearing costumes,

and Ari REALLY enjoyed the costumed characters!

Paul and Oscar each picked up a new toy, it seemed like everyone but me bought a new guitar!

But as I always say, it’s a lot cheaper and more fun to invite pals with toys who let me play with them!

The Knights of the West Coast made a strong showing (free tickets for SCC members didn’t hurt attendance, I can tell you that!)
And I think Nick’s shirt design is just cool, so I wanted a photo of what was on the back too.

So I snapped this shot, just before Paul turned his back on me too!

Luckily I didn’t aim the camera lower, but either way, this is the end.

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