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starcarcentral worldwide shows! France, England, Georgia,Florida, Arizona, Illinois, Tenn. and washington in the northwest! SCC-CC big summer show of 2010! plus longest title ever for a post by nate truman!

After years of getting emails from people around the country and the world asking to see some starcars, I started asking my internet pals who shared my disease to represent in their area. We have lots of chapters around the USA and a few scattered around the world now.

This summer we have many get togethers and here are a few of the highlights.
On May 15th the fans of Smokey and the Bandit took to the road and recreated the famous beer run of the second movie, with an actual Snowman replica truck and lots of Bandits! they just finished up yesterday, and I am sure they had a great time!

Then on the other corner of the country, Dee and the Northwest chapter of are putting on a big all movie and tv car concourse!

I had been contacted by several star car owners in the upper left hand corner of the USA and now thanks to SCC they are all pals now and putting on great starcar events! GO NORTHWEST! or SCC-NW!

In California, even the main branch of the SCC is slowly growing into three chapters, and the SCC-CC (central California) headed up by BTTF Paul has a big show planned for May 29th in Frazier park California, with over 20 different starcars, and the long awaited debut of Ecto-1!

Stop by and say “HEY” to all the guys
Frazier Park, Ridge Route Run
2nd Annual
Downtown Frazier Park
May 29, 2010, Saturday
10:00am til 3:30pm
Nate Truman AND Paul Nigh will both be available to autograph your SCC memorabilia! πŸ™‚
Batmobile and BTTF Tee shirts will be available for sale at the SCC main tent! Get yours, before they are all gone!

A french TV crew will be shooting a documentary about cars in movies the whole day starting with Nate Truman driving the Batmobile to the event early in the morning.

And speaking of France, Starcar pal Claude is putting on his own starcar event this summer, and if you live in Europe, this is your only chance to see a pile of famous movie and TV cars in one place!
July 17th it starts and if you want to learn more, go to THIS LINK!

Meanwhile out in Arizona, more starcar owners got together for a “cannonball” like no other!

Where else can you see the batmobile recreate the Canonball run scene of painting over the speed limit sign, with CATWOMAN doing the painting? (Can you say “crossgeeking”? trademark nate truman 2003)
thanks for Glen Wacker and you can see three hearses drag racing, and lots of other starcar fun all for a great cause.
Check out Glen and his car crashing spactaclars at!

If you are missing Duke Fest, (it stopped in 2008, but there are pettitions to get it going again!) you can always stop by Moberlys 1st Fan Fest
Moberly’s 1st Fan Fest, Featuring The Dukes of Hazzard at 24 Raceway on Hwy 24E. Enjoy two days of music, family fun including autograph signing with cast members from The Dukes of Hazzard. Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday 8am-6pm. Tickets are available at the Moberly Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information call 660-651-2826.

There are still a few “static” displays out there of star cars. in Tennesee

And a chapter of SCC is headed up by the starcar expert at the VOLO MUSEUM.
On Sat. July 3rd George Barris will be there, and they will pull out all of their starcars for viewing!

My Pal Travis Bell will be there to talk about the “LOST” General Lee, and Barris is promising to unveil the only Super Pursuit Mode KITT to exsist! Is it Jay’s? Jennifers? The french one? Someone go and find out!

And if you are just south of England, check out the JAMES BOND cars!

And as always, the Peterens Auto Museum has a whole room dedicated to movie and TV cars, featuring a drivable Mach 5 and the screen used Green Hornet car, the Black Beauty among others!

Cars are rotated regularly, the batmobile is no longer there, but always some fun stuff!

Well, I will have to wait until Monday to tell you all about the Barris show, but I figured the “coming up” news was more important than the “all ready happened” stuff! Have a great weekend! Seacrest – OUT!


Ability First Oscar night, Linda Blair reunion (sort of) and the bumble with Barris

OK, not sure if I can fit all of this in one post! It was a busy weekend and star car members were literally all over the map helping out charities and hanging with stars and cars all around southern California.
First up on a Friday night we had two members requested for this years “Ability First” red carpet event for special needs Adults in Pasadena.
J Ryan showed up to deliver Doc Brown in his screen accurate Back to the Future Delorean! (There is no “I” in Delorean or team or for that matter right Reba?)

Tiger Woods Look-a-like arrives in Mark G.'s Adam-12 cruiser

And Mark G brought his Adam-12 car to deliver a spot on Tiger Woods look-a-like who Mark said was “super cool!”

He also got the real ‘Steve-O’ mad when he asked if he wanted to pose with hand-cuffs. (Steve-O has had a few run in’s with the law) good times and everyone had a fun time helping out!!!

The real Steve O talks with a surreal Joan Rivers.

Steve O takes it on the chin...

The next day, Mark G was back out on patrol with his Adam-12 cruiser in La Verne for Linda Blair’s pet adoption event, organized by a private eye named Becky, who also just happens to be one of the stars of the movie “This film is not yet Rated”

Brian brought his James Bond 007 BMW car,

Jerry brought out his Herbie,

and they were joined by Ted who arrived with his Pasadena police car.

More importantly Ted brought a tent and provided shade all day which the guys and Brian’s dog enjoyed! Brian won an autographed
photo of Rodger Moore in the charity raffle which he plans to trade to one of the Bond guys for some BMW gadget display pieces. As I could not be in two places at once, the gang put in about $20 to try and get me the autographed plaque of
Adam West (donated by Adam West himself) but no luck. Thanks for trying guys!

In a new example of Cross-geeking, Brian wrote:
One of my favorite movies back in 1996 was the Fox
remake of “Doctor Who”, which I must have watched 10 or 20 times.
Eric Roberts, who played the villain in that flick, was one of Linda
Blair’s guests. He was a really nice fellow and we enjoyed chatting
about my dog and how he was a great over-the-top ‘Shakespearean’
villain in Doctor Who.”

To top off the crossgeeking Mark G. who owns the Adam-12 car printed out a photo of me in “Hell Night” with Linda Blair I did back in 1982ish, (I couldn’t be there as I was busy with my batmobile that day with George Barris) and got Linda to sign it for me! That’s a lot of crossgeeking (Def: when two geeky things collide – Trademark, Nate Truman, 2003, it’s my word but feel free to spread it around!)

Thanks Linda! Boy do I have a few stories from that shoot! I got to drive a vette in the film, so I was DRIVING ON SCREEN movie cars even back then! πŸ™‚

Where’s Linda in the photo? just to the right of Vince Van Patten, Dick’s son. Love that purple jumpsuit!

All night long shoots with playboy playmates and bored actors! Favorite line from Vince when talking with him “I’ve been in 14 films, but this is the first one I KNOW is going to be released!” Yikes!

If you watch the trailer, i am driving the red car, with the blonde on the hood, and I am behind Peter Barton in the black hat. You may have to freeze frame it, that’s how big a part I had! πŸ™‚

OK, this was too much for one post but just remember this show and the Barris show were the same day! Tomorrow (no promises, but that’s the plan) the Big Barris blunder in Bulver Bity! Ok, it’s Culver City, but I needed the “B’s”


Edelbrock Show and Bumblebee joins!

You may or may not know this, but I HATE getting up early! I do that all week long, and I don’t want to do it on Saturdays. So my aversion to early lineups for car shows is very strong. Still if it’s a show for a good cause and the show is just down the road, and a bunch of the other SCC members want to go, then I will drag myself out of bed. Besides I just never know if I will connect with a new star car owner and that keeps me going!

This is the 5th year of the show, and it benefited The Center For Learning Unlimited. The Center For Learning Unlimited is dedicated to the learning advancement of kids identified as Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD), Bipolar Disorder or PPD/PPD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder/-Not Otherwise Specified). They work personally with each kid to teach them in ways that they understand so they become valuable members of society. It’s a really great cause, and you can find out more about it by visiting the CLU’s Website. Or check out a few photos of us on their show page. So I drive the whole 3 miles with Alex in his KITT and we park in the wrong line, but I don’t care because I see a Barris inspired horseless carriage and I hopped out to chat with the builder and owner.

Now that is HORSE POWER!

After chatting with the owner for a while, Lou and Paul alerted me to the fact that I passed up the VIP entrance and Alex and I should get out of line and come set up for the day in the star car section.

So once everyone was in place, I started hunting starcars!

I just started walking down the line of cars, and spotted a familiar yellow Camaro. I asked him if he was with a Camaro club and if he wasn’t I suggested he should park with us! (Ya never know if they love the car, or the showcar!) I figured the “bumblebee” sticker and the transformer package was a good sign he was a fan.

So Joe slipped right into the line up and was welcomed by the crew! Even better, he lives near Paul in Bakersfield so SCC-CC got another regular member (Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t complain about long early drives around the Bakersfield guys!)

Joe’s tricked out Camaro looked great in the line up, and he has gone all out on his car!

Check out the licence plate!

One of the Transformer package limited edition Camaros

Joe bought the “Transformer” package, that includes Autobot shields, and custom seat embroidery, but that wasn’t enough for Joe!
Check out his engine cover!

Once everyone was in place and the blues brothers had their tip jar out working the crowd,

we set up camp and proceeded to do the freeform wandering and chatting we all enjoy!

Sue and Reba notice that Paul's cookies are done...

Eventually we will get our act together and have a plan to bring food and drinks as a team, but for now we survive on Sue’s snacks, Lynda’s lemon bars, and water!

The show started to wrap up, Cliff and Justice and Herbie headed out for a nap and we packed up while they gave out the awards.
Because I routinely tell organizers we don’t want trophies I don’t pay attention to the announcer when that stuff is happening, but then I heard them announce “Winner of the best car from the 80’s, ALEX WONG!” So Alex had to run around the corner and meet the Edelbrock family and pick up his trophy!

Alex, she is not your trophy!

KITT wins edelbrock award!

My favorite thing I saw all day was the HOT wheel Deora II, but even better the new full size hotwheel track it was sitting on! I need that in my garage!

We made a plan to go down to Ruby’s on the beach for an early dinner. We ended up creating our own car show as we had the place to ourselves and parked in front of the windows. Mark “Adam-12” Paul and Reba in the Back to the future delorean, Lou and his Starsky and Hutch Torino, Alex and KITT, and Oscar with his Magnum P.I. car all lined up with my Batmobile was an impromtu second show as we enjoyed dinner. Joe, Sue, and the Blues Brothers had to head off to other places, but it was a fun starcar day and I was glad I got up early!

Joe “Bumblebee” later sent me photos and dispelled any and all doubts he was a total starcar fan!


NEXT ON STARCARCENTRAL.COM – Nate continues to try and catch up, but when has three events in two days, it’s hard to do! Ability first year three, Linda Blair Pet adoption and memories of her time with Nate in “Hell Night”, and Barris and the big batmobile bloopers and blunders! Stay tuned, starcar fan! the best is yet to come!


Transformer optimus, Bumblebee, or A-Team? Such choices…

OK, so this is starcar news, really. I went to another auction to get my son a car for the summer. (see previous posts) So this time, I was just going to get a nice clean cheap car for him to get around in.

NO star cars. My son came with me and we did the shopping, looking over all the cars. He found a black hummer he liked, but that went for 20 grand. A bit out of his price range.

Then I spotted a yellow 2010 Camaro (aka bumblebee from transformers. SS version, all the do-dads, and alll Chris was going to get from this car was a photo. it went for 29 grand (plus 6 g’s in fees)

Let’s find something cheaper. So we looked around and there was Optimus prime sitting there, in his “Peterbuilt” disguise, and even though his paint was more purple than blue, a quick flame job and he would have been ready. Only 700,000 miles on him! As neither Chris or I could drive it or had the right licence, (and we were pretty sure mom wouldn’t approve of that as a “good milage get around town car” we moved on.

Optimus went for only about 9 grand!?!? Oh well.

So I was left in charge (always dangerous!) and the auction began. Made pals with the Camaro buyer who was a transformer fan (that’s the cheapest way to collect starcars btw!)

and all the cars went for at or over bluebook. even beat up police cars went for 2 to 3 grand!?!? So I had one last car that just might be in his price range.

After just a few bids, I got him a 1983 GMC van!

Of course I had to try the side door for an action exit to make sure it was the start of something big!

With the A-Team movie coming out in a few weeks, he and his pals are excited to transform this clean panel cargo van into a new starcar for starcarcentral.


My Son’s A-Team is allready completely cast, now it’s just a matter of convincing one pal to get the mandinkin mowhawk haircut, and buy a LOT of gold chains…..




I know, you are saying “Nate, the Anahiem comic con was a few weeks ago, what’s with the delay? (see previous post on where my spare time has been going!) but I will try to catch up! The SCC has had a lot of events, even three on one weekend! (and in a weird turn of events, I didn’t bring a car to any of them, but that’s for the next post!)

The Anahiem Comic con is a brand new con, and they wanted to bring in a few star cars for the event. Paul with his BTTF delorian, took lots of photos of fans in his car, here is Lynda taking a turn!

Then Paul Miller with his Mad Max interceptor, “Hey Paul, is the steering wheel supposed to be on that side?”

and Sean (who is not named Paul) were all supposed to attend.

Two out of three ain’t bad! The Ghostbuster Ecto was almost ready, but slimer caused a leak, and instead they rolled the car out to meet Dan Akroyd! The ghostbusters and knightbusters showed up, but no car at the con!

Also there was a replica batmobile built by Bob butts that the Barris clan brought along,

and just about every old star from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s!

Ed Asner – from “UP” Kevin Sorbo Hercules – Micky Rooney – Micky Dolenz

DATA Brent Spiner – Adam West – Soup Nazi and Luis’ family – and The Shatner

The best part for me was the RED MIST car from KICK A$$ the new superhero movie!

Thanks to Steve Carpenter from Galpin Ford GAS for giving me full access to check out the red mist, and a trip to the “kicka$$” customizing HQ at Galpin Ford is in the works!

For lunch we took the train… Towmater Mike hooked us up with this great ride owned by his pal PAUL (no, I am not making this up, soon we we all have to change our names to Paul to own a star car!
I suggested he turn it into the Back to the Future time traveling train!

We all crammed in, and I kept the tailgaters away from the back!

After lunch (thanks, Brian! it was delicious!) We went back on the train, and enjoyed the rest of the show. Some enjoyed wearing costumes,

and Ari REALLY enjoyed the costumed characters!

Paul and Oscar each picked up a new toy, it seemed like everyone but me bought a new guitar!

But as I always say, it’s a lot cheaper and more fun to invite pals with toys who let me play with them!

The Knights of the West Coast made a strong showing (free tickets for SCC members didn’t hurt attendance, I can tell you that!)
And I think Nick’s shirt design is just cool, so I wanted a photo of what was on the back too.

So I snapped this shot, just before Paul turned his back on me too!

Luckily I didn’t aim the camera lower, but either way, this is the end.


Car Crashes, Jaguars, and 1 more inch, does make a difference….

Have you ever had one of those MONTHS? Well I just did, and when life starts coming at you from every direction I did what everyone would do… got some bigger rims for my Knight Rider car, and bought a Jaguar.

Well, I guess I should back that up a bit. I got my son a great deal on a ford Contour that would have lasted him about 8 years with almost no problems. It was a sweet deal. Got it from a little old lady, garaged kept, oil changed at the dealer etc. So after a new set of tires all around, new brakes all around, and a drive belt just in case so I could turn my attention to other things.

Then 2 drunk men couldn’t mangage to drive past a parked car. Thanks, morons. Seriously, because you were idiots, I have been paying in time, effort, stress, and family upheaval for about a month. So next time get a car without airbags, and take yourself out of the game. Too harsh? They spent a night in jail, and I started paying for thier stupidity from that moment and am still dealing with their poor judgement to this day. At least my son’s parked car kept them from killing someone.

So on top of a full plate of life, I had to go find a new car quickly. (I am leaving out two other car accidents within the same week, a totaled rental car, and a crease down the side of the minivan. Gotta get back to starcar news eventually!)

So I go to an auto auction to get a quick replacement for the Contour, or a newer minivan to solve the transportation problem. Long story short, all the cheap cars were over blue book, no good minivans, so I bought a Jag.

No, my kid is NOT getting a jag. My wife wants a minivan (gotta love her!) OK, she needs a minivan, and I drive KITT and am just fine with that.
But we have discovered that it is fun to say “You want to take the Jag?” And my wife discovered that minivan + McDonalds drive through, = fine, but JAG + McD’s drive through = wanting to say “do you have any grey poupon?” every time.

So I had a nice line up in the driveway when Alex came over to put on my 15″ Knight rider wheels, and take off the wayyyy inferior 14″ rims.

The white car got dumped in my driveway because the insurance company wouldn’t pay for any more impound fees. That leaves pools of stuff on my driveway, black marks, blocks my gate for over a week, and I can’t get my batmobile out of my garage, or use my backyard to work on my Knight Rider car.
(See, this is just like that thing that happened to you…..)

Alex is the man and he is also the TOOL man, so there was no stopping him.
Compresser in the van, air tools and polished racing jack, and KITT was getting some new rims! (See the difference, Jen? 14″ on the rear, 15″ on the front! Man, it’s like night and day!) πŸ™‚

We laid out everything for the job, and then we looked at the “pro painted” hub caps. I hadn’t unwrapped them as I figured I took them to a high end pro custom paint shop and they would be perfect. Instead, every one had imperfections on them. If I had painted them at home I would have said “Eh, good enough from 10 feet!” but when you pay it should be done right. So wheels went on without hubcaps.
After “test fitting” two wheels, we realized we had not put on the dust shields.

Well now the crushed contour is in a junk yard but the stains remain, I have a Jag in the driveway I am not sure what to do with (but it was a great deal!)
and KITT still doesn’t have hubcaps, but the new rubber on the road does make a difference compared to the 1997 tires I was driving on.

We decided to leave the crease in the van (not worth fixing) maybe sell the Jag, and I am off to an auction again this weekend, to again try and get some cheap transportation for my son.

there is a 2010 yellow camaro for sale, and a Peterbuilt truck that both with a little work could “transform” into starcars, but I am going to stay focused this time! Cheap car for son, cheap car for son…..
and maybe an A-Team van… cheap car for son…..

Now back to star car news….



Tony Stark aka Ironman has got a new toy, and just like Tony, when I see something I like I say “I want one!”
Ironman2 filmed some chase scenes with the new “stark 11” audi r8 v12 spider and you can see some HERE.


In honor of Ironman 2 coming out today, I called my pal Tony Stark, and askied if I could take a spin in his new ride


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