Long Beach ComicCon Starcarcentral.com tests the waters for Oct. 2010

Thanks to Shawn we got a last minute call for some star cars for the Long Beach Comic con at the Long Beach Convention center, and even under the threat of rain, 4 of us managed to get there! Shawn and his Honda x wing, Paul and Reba and their collection of tables and chairs and tents, Oscar and his Magnum PI Ferrari, and of course me, Nate Truman with my KITT from Knight Rider. (No batmobile, when it rains, batman gets wet!)

Nate Truman and Oscar post the colors....

It was a bit windy, but it was great having a small group so we had time to chat and even eat out together!

Paul and Reba were there bright and early, and set up shop. Small world moment, the guy walking by was a co worker of mine from Home and Family in the 90’s! Weird!

Oscar was there with his Ferrari, and both of them were thinking “Shawn and Nate set this up, where are they?”
Next Obi Shawn shows with his Honda H-wing fighter and yoda.

Hey guys, you’re blocking the car! You know how Shawn hates that….

Anyway, because the star wars 501st was there, and some sort of MardiGras party near by, we meet some interesting characters during the day!

The supergirl from our 4th of july showed up as Harley Quin, so I had to get a shot with my “DC” buddies

Some costumes took a lot of balls to wear out in public!

Here’s Reba with, uh, Turtle boy and Pirate guy!

We all agreed that this girl looked MUCH better with Oscar’s Ferrari than Tom Selleck.

We had a great time, met a lot of fans, and big story of the day, Oscar finally got that autograph of that famous star car driver from the Fireball run!
No, not me….

Hey Oscar, don't tell Paul that's for the check for Dinner!

We had a great time, and made araingments to be back for the much bigger show in October, so this Halloween, come to long beach comic expo and say “hey!” We will have a lot more cars for that show!

To the batmobile! Next up… Knight Rider Festival in Vegas, HighSpeed Magazine shoot and the batmobile at the B and M show in Chatsworth? (“Bat and Man) that’s the shifter I have in the car! 21st…
also check out our write up in AutoWeek Magazine March 8th issue….

For more costume and car photos CLICK HERE FOR GALLERY

Long Beach Comic Expo 2010
Long Beach Comic Expo 2010 was held on Saturday, February 20, 2010 at the Long Beach Convention Center (LBCC) in downtown Long Beach. The Long Beach Comic Expo was a one day event held in the Promenade Ballroom from 10am to 7pm.
For more information visit http://www.longbeachcomiccon.com


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