28 star cars gather at CBS Radford lot for a backstage tour!

Ya just never know what’s gonna happen when word gets out on the internet! A new car club formed last year, made up of great car enthusiasts that also work in television and film. TMPCC or Television and Motion Picture Car Club
Their idea was to gather people who work in TV and movies, and who also love cars. With a name like that for their club, it was only a short time before someone pointed them to StarCarCentral.com and that someone was Fireball Tim!

Ken and Tim and the crew at TMPCC had all ready been working to have their second get together on the smaller CBS Radford lot, and it’s also where I just happen to hang out at a lot! So a few hundred emails later a fun event and possibly a new world record happened!

I put out the call to all my star car pals, and they showed up like never before, totalling 28 star cars in one parking lot! We had lots of first time new cars for this event! Gary Goltz with his Highway Patrol car is now rolling with the SCC now that his car is all back together and painted! It looked better than new!

New SCC Member Ari brought out his Jurassic Park Jeep and is also ready to roll with us at Monster jams and future events! No claw marks on the car that I could find. The electric fences must be working!

I know you are saying, “Hey, I’ve seen Paul’s Back to the Future Delorian, but this ain’t it! This is from the FIRST movie, before “Mr. Fusion” in the second movie!
Evan brought his BTTF Delorian, and Sean and Danny brought Jay’s Delorian, and I was PROMISED by Sean that the Ecto-1 WILL be at an SCC event this year, right Sean?

See? Now you can tell them apart, compare and contrast!

Now Jennifer has been at several events, but as her Super Pursuit mode KITT is a ways off, she turned her car into Slammin Sammy’s Super Stunt spectacular KITT (Michael and KITT went under cover as a stunt driver and they covered KITT with stars for the performance … how do those Hollywood people come up with these creative ideas?)

We also got our first look at Charger Steve’s newest star car toy, his “Mystery Machine” from scooby doo! Steve always wants his picture on the internet, so
Here he is.

Bob H. cleared out his garage, and even let Fireball Tim drive his Fast and Furious car! His General, and Tango truck were great to have in the photo, and his pal brought one of his two screen used Fast and Furious Trucks that were used to steal the cargo tankers while in motion! COOL! I want to see both of them now!

Mark G. brought his Adam-12 Cruiser and I think judging by how much he paid for that star car central shirt, he’s gonna be with us for a while!

A new “find” thanks to TMPCC is the Jay Ohrburg “TAZmobile” Half Coyote, half Knight Rider 2000 and featured at the WB parks in parades, I didn’t even get to say “HI!” to the owner, but we have his number, and he will have to be in the next big group photo!

obviously I am not going to put a photo of every car in this blog, but I had to include this shot of Oscar’s new set up for his Magnum P.I. Car. Correct flower Lei on the mirror, camera tripod for surveillance, Magnum ID on the sun shade and detective wallet on the center console…. all this from the guy who I had to pester to just get a Detroit Lion’s hat for about 2 years…. πŸ™‚ Great job Oscar!

Lou and ObiShawn were there but both had pressing engagements so we will have to photoshop them in later, but here’s the pay off, the big group shot!
The beige Clenet car in the middle was the car “Fallon” and others drove on “Dynasty” and the owner of the Clenet company Al, was there and he was happy to pull his car into the pile for the big photo session.

Wait, I forgot the tour. Everyone who wanted, came on a foot tour of the lot.

Hey, Paul found the car show just fine, but there is something batty about that kid in the background!
After the tour, and eating, and lots of moving cars into place, and moving cars out of places, we finally got off a few thousand photos.

A big thanks to Ken, Tim and all the TMPCC gang, Ken had this to say
“Working with Nate Truman and all the Star Car Central members was a pleasure. Nate was able to corral almost 30 famous vehicles from movies and television for The Television/Motion Picture Car Club’s first ever ‘all entertainment industry’ car show held on the CBS Studio Center lot on January 9, 2010. It was great fun to see so many vehicles from some of my favorite movies and television shows”. – Ken Latka TMPCC President and Founder

Thanks again Ken! We organized lighting! πŸ™‚

Lt. Nate Truman from the Gotham PD says “You WILL bring your star car to all the events this year, RIGHT? Otherwise, say hello to my little friend….”

http://www.motorator.com/videos/1175 is Sue’s interview with Adam Corolla, and
http://www.motorator.com/videos/1168 is Gary’s interview with his Highway Patrol car.


2 Responses to “28 star cars gather at CBS Radford lot for a backstage tour!”

  1. January 14, 2010 at 10:57 pm

    I love that TAZmobile. That is one slick lookin ride!

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