2009 Camarillo parade ends a big year for StarCarCentral.com! Secret Batmobile graveyard found!

So the busiest year for StarCarCentral.com draws to a close, but the rain couldn’t stop our last event for 2009!
Five brave drivers and a few other friends and family members braved the rain, and showed up anyway! As I was driving to the starting line in pretty heavy rain, I saw several accidents and spinouts on the 405 and 101 freeway, but I knew my day was probably going to consist of going to the starting line, and sitting there until 11am in the rain by myself. But then I started getting calls. Paul was climbing the grapevine, but there was a big accident, and it was raining and possibly snowing, but he was on his way. Then Jason and Cliff called and said they were still taking their marshmellows through the weather to get to the parade.

Cliff and Jason were snug in their bugs, and even though Jason ran into traffic and got the attention of a police officer, they avoided the ticket and got to the starting line, although Cliff had to do some off roading first!
Jennifer was bringing Stunt KITT (and as we decorated our KITTs we decided in 2010 she should put some “Slamming sammy stunt show stickers” on her SPM car, until it is converted.)

Well I got to the starting line, and I was pretty much the whole line! Even though the rain delayed my arrival almost an hour, I was the only one there! Soon my brother Mark found me, then my Dad showed up with the promised doughnuts and coffee. One by one we took our place, as the rain had miraculously stopped!
Out came the star car banner, and a quick interview for the parade coverage.

So we lined up, to wait and see if the parade was a “washout”. Still no rain!

We conscripted jason’s girlfriend, Sage, and along with Senior Bannergirl Reba, they took the banner down the parade route!

Nate and Jennifer led the pack with twin scanners and theme songs blaring, my Dad called “shotgun” in KITT but didn’t know who “Hasslehoff” was that all the parade viewers kept talking about!

Paul was next, smoking up the place, gull wings open and lights and sounds blaring!
In the back was the pair of marshmallows, and Cliff’s son Justice seemed to be OK with the attention!

At the end of the parade, we all pulled into the parking lot, took down the banner and just as we were all done, it proceeded to start raining again!
We all met up at the party and got out of the rain!
Good food, good friends, a little magic made for a nice end of the year party! Wish more could have come, but we had a lot of food and treats thanks to an appearance by my over scheduled wife! Thanks Susan and Mindy for putting on a great spread!

Looks like Justice knew where to get a refill on his limited edition STARCARCENTRAL.COM water bottle!

I got to have a good talk with Cliff, and we found out we worked just a mile or two from each other, and he is an audio tech! Weird how so many of these TV and movie car owners, also work in TV and movies…. or is it?

Paul pulled a trick out of his jumpsuit and dumbfounded the SCC once again. (I managed to see how the trick was done, but I will never tell….)

Even on my Dad’s quiet street, looky loos started showing up, and asked if my Dad’s T-bird was from “The Truman Show” (His licence plate is “Truman”.)
Which reminds me, I over heard one young fan walk by my Knight Rider car and remark “Hey, that’s the car from GHOST Rider. 🙂 Accidental Crossgeeking. (Trademark 2001 Nate Truman “The combining or participating in two unrelated geeky pursuits, such as Star Wars and Civil War Reenacting, or Batman and Robocop for instance.)
Heck, it’s easier just to show you!

This is Ronald McDonald in Cliff’s Herbie. Crossgeeking. Ronald does have a big red shoe he drives, but he traded up for a Children’s Hospital event!
As the party went along, everyone posed with my secret project in the backyard….

Nate, Paul, Jennifer, Reba, Jason and Cliff – not pictured but was inside eating Mark (Hornet) and son Matt, Brian Horace/Herbie, Dave Herbie, and all my family!

Brian drove all the way up from his parade (that WAS rained out!) to check out the bat and have some chow with us! It was sad that many SCC regulars couldn’t make the party, we all missed you! (And then ate your food!)
Finally everything was packed up, and I returned to my car, only to find out why KITT doesn’t like parking under trees when it is windy and rainy!


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