Towmater and Herbie Parade with Magnum P.I. and Back to the Future in East LA!

What may be the last event of the year due to rain this coming weekend, a small group of the SCC were in the East Los Angeles Christmas parade that has been going for 47 years! Mike (Towmater) brought his Nana, and Ice Cream for the guys. Mike knows how to get the guys to want him to attend every meet, besides driving a tow truck. Star car guys know all about tow trucks.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!

A long wait in the morning, led to more eating. Finally a star car with a tailgate, so we can have a tailgate party! That’s a nice spread Brian brought, and Mike is the only star car guy who would let you make a sandwich on his car! Well, maybe Charger Steve, but then it would be a dirt sandwich…. 🙂

This was the unveiling of the new Star Car Central.com parade banner, so our lovely banner girls Sue and Reba practiced their “Vanna White” poses before they got started.

Again, the opportunity for “crossgeeking” (Trademark, Nate Truman, 2001) is endless with this group, so a replica Michael Jackson sat in Paul’s Replica Back to the Future car, and posed with all the gang. He’s a dead ringer for MJ. Sorry.

Oscar was next, and posed with MJ.

To pass the time Paul entertained the crowd with the magic that is Herbie…. and Brian is giving himself away again with a big smile in the background!

Oh yeah, there was a parade too!

Paul was instructed by Brian on the right hole in his face to put ice cream….

The whole Gang enjoyed themselves, but where ever star car central members gather, they tend to make their own party!

From left to right:
Paul “the Stig” Nigh, Sue, Mike “Towmater” and his Nana, Brian “Herbie” and taking the photo, Reba, Miss January of next years “StarCarCentral.com Banner girls” Calendar.

And of course, for dessert, Paul whipped up a batch of his famous cookies…. I think they are done!

Thanks to Brian for taking the lead on this event, he did a great job, so that means he gets to do it again in the future! The Batmobile had no driver as I was directing our church Christmas play at the same time. Starcarcentral.com has one event left, either a parade and a party, or a wet rainy party. Stay tuned for 2010~


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