Batmobiles and BBQ’s and a bunch of Star Cars!

Nate truman and starcarcentral.com gang
Sometimes it’s “who you know” that gets the star cars to come out, who it’s for, or what you feed them! Lou and Lynda had all three: the inside track as a dependable star car attender, a great BBQ and a fund raiser for Lou’s High School team!

We had a good line up again, and we all got comfortable discussing star cars…. and Oscar’s hair, and Brian getting 18 inches….

brian and paul nigh back to the future
Here Paul shows Brian where he inserts the cookie dough to make his special cookies.

Herbie and the team
Herbie shows his team spirit and is convinced to buy some raffle tickets.
(He’s such a marshmellow when it comes to charities…)

starsky and Hutch and Back to the Future

Lou got the prime spot up front, (well he was there first…. and it’s his show….) and Paul was next in line.

Herbie meets eleanor
Herbie tried to make friends with Eleanor, but after the show, Eleanor was gone in 60 seconds….

magnum ferrari james bond BMW
The luxury cars had to hang together, Brian’s BMW and Oscar’s Ferarri, they are even swapping parts now…

batmobile and KITT benchwarmer

Coming in at the end, and the last to arrive, Nate’s Batmobile and jennifer’s in process SPM car AKA the “Stunt KITT” with new “matte” paint job….

starcarcentral.com gang

I still have to teach Brian some tips for his “action pose”…. Show ended, and we hit the streets to go EAT!

herbie KITT batmobile and bond
Here’s a shot that you have never seen before, A Bond BMW, batmobile, and KITT as seen through the window of a Herbie….

stunt KITT

Jennifer had some trouble with her accelerator on the freeway, and kept passing everyone….

starsky and hutch

Lou tried to hold back his Torino Horses but he just can’t drive 55….

KITT batmobile magnum ferrari james bond

Jason pulled ahead of all of us, to get some “on the go shots” good job!
lou no meat for you!
“NO MEAT FOR YOU!” Jason tring to use his camera to get the first burger…

On your mark, get set…. EAT!

Thanks Lynda! Good vittles!

The Amazing Paul did magic, that was so amazing, jason didn’t take any photos, or he did, and Paul made them dissapear!

Next up, a secret trip to a secret star car lair….


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