Getting there is most of the fun… VEGAS!


Just a few photos of the trek to Vegas that a team of SCC members took Oct. 23rd. Paul BTTF from the north (Bakersfield) Steve Bandit and Mike Towmater from the south, (San Diego)
and the rest of the team from the west (Oscar Magnum, Lou Starsky, Bob Fast and Furious, Paul Mad max, Obishawn Starwars and Jerry Tuxedo Herbie) had a good time GETTING to vegas. After meeting outside Vegas, and some trouble with Steve's Bandit, the SCC guys helped each other all get there together. Oscar pulled his Ferrari off of the trailer he rented, and they got Steve's Bandit up on it for the last leg of the trip. Good team work guys!
vegas general lee
On Saturday the Vegas star cars joined up, a Bumble Bee Camaro, Catherine Hickland’s KITT and Paul Casey’s General Lee along with a vintage police station wagon all rumbled onto Freemont street.

The star cars assembled in front of the main stage, to the tune of their own theme song!


A few old TV stars were in attendance (That’s the actor that was “Cousin IT” in the Addams family, chatting up Obishawn)
Mike Towmater with his connections in Vegas set up a great dinner for all the SCC guys (Well, Obishawn went to go see and hear U2) and dispite the challenge of keeping drunks away from their cars, and trying to get food and trips to the bathroom with out any protection for their cars the SCC contingent made the best of it. That’s what I like about these guys, we have a good time where ever we go because of the company!

Next, Semi Valley and Lou’s BBQ and fundraiser car show Nov 7th! The year ain’t over yet! Two Christmas parades, a visit to Jay Ohrburgs garage to check out the only Super Pursuit mode KITT in the world, and …? 2009 has been a big year for Starcarcentral.com and all it’s members!
Truman…. OUT!

herbie and starsky and towmater


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