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PUMPKIN FEST day 2, Cooler day, cool cars! KITT takes a hit for the team!

Well after the Horace update, now back to the other half of the Pumpkin Festival!  As I write this most of the Star Car Central core members are on their way to VEGAS to be a part of a Star Car Show there, and I am sitting here blogging.  How is this fair? I started the dang group!?!?   Actually, I know they will have a good time caravaning out to Vegas, a pile of Star Cars is just plain stupid fun!     As long as they take photos, I will be there in spirit at least!

As I have said before, wherever two or more starcars are gathered in my name…. it’s a SCC event!

Now back to the the Pumpkin Festival report, day two!

We had a smaller group on Sunday, but a rare appearance of Paul and his Mad Max Interceptor car joined Jason’s Herbie, Paul’s BTTF Delorian and my KITT for a second day.  

Jason’s Herbie attracted a few other celebrity look-a-likes!

As for Paul’s BTTF car, he just needs to stop adding stuff to his car to attract attention!


 My star car day  did not start like I wanted.   First I started up KITT and heard a weird “pop pop” sound, looked all around and decided that what ever I had run over on Saturday had made an opening in my manifold gasket.   It didn’t sound great, but I had two special kids who have ocular cancer and thier families that I didn’t want to dissapoint, so I hit the freeways.  It was not as hot as the day before, but I still had the A/C on the whole way.   Well at some point (about where I hit something the day before I think) I hit something else!  My best guess is some sort of  “L” shaped metal that when you drive over it it kicks up, but I didn’t see anything.   When I got to the fest, I finally got to see the damage to the nose and fender.  Nothing I could do at that point, but enjoy the day!  (Although I did over hear one woman say “wow, there’s KITT, that car has seen better days….)    😦

charger steve show 049




Here Paul is listening to an amazing story of mine, with rapt attention!  After I finished, Paul, dumb struck at my facinating story, decided he wanted

to perform a karate demonstration in the street!  It was actually nice to be able to sit with different members of the SCC and catch up and learn more about the “cross-geeking” each member enjoys.  (i.e. Rock bands and Disney pins Paul – Herbie and Horror Jason and his dad…)  My parents got to meet KITT for the first time, and they both blended right in, but my mom thought my dad fit in a little TOO well….

With my parents visitng and sitting with them, then my wife and kids showing up and having lunch with them, some where in there I MISSED the kids, but of course my star car cronies stepped up and the families enjoyed the cars and the fair.    They made a cool sign for us too!  Once again, we need a club house to put this stuff on the wall! Until then, it’s in my office at work!  It was great meeting Steven who runs and I look forward to connecting his families with star cars around the country in 2010!



After the show broke up, we all went to COCO’s again, and had a nice meal before dissapearing again to the secret hiding places where star cars live….

maybe there is one next door to you?!?!?

Paul had to head home with an empty stomach, but he was set for Vegas…. HEY! Somebody tell him he is not supposed to drive a car from that side!

So the SCC is headed to VEGAS without me, but I will be visiting my “yard art” of a batmobile tomorrow, and I will try and remember to take a few photos.

If you see a star car, you let me know!   If it was in Vegas this weekend, yeah, I know about all of those….. 🙂

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