Charger Steve Star Car Central First Annual Show! San Diego will never be the same….

Charger Steve and Daisy Duke - Catherine Bach

Charger Steve and Daisy Duke - Catherine Bach

Well Steve Lord, AKA Charger Steve loves star cars.  If  there was ONE star car that got him into the hobby, it was the General Lee Charger from Dukes of Hazzard.  So he bought a replica, then he bought a Rosco Police car, then he bought a screen used beat up car and restored it.  That would be a good story by itself, but Steve loves just about ANY star car and has a fleet of them parked around his house.  So he displayed them at car shows in El Cajon, then he volunteered to run the car shows, and pretty soon he was in charge of the summer car shows in the downtown area.  (While building and running his own car club and oh yeah, paying his bills with his day job, and raising a family and setting his house on fire, but that’s another story….)

So what should a guy like that do? Well, start up a huge car show and invite Catherine Back aka Daisy Duke to the Del Mar Fairgrounds!

So that’s what he did, and  the Hollywood Chapter of  Nate Truman’s Star Car Central.com answered the call! 

Dukes fest West Coast!

Dukes fest West Coast!

Steve gathered Five General Lee’s and two Rosco police cars to honor “Daisy Duke” and the Duke boys (the owners!) were all smiles when Daisy sat in their replicas.

The Star Cars lined up in the main hall, Gary’s Herbie from San Diego started the line up,
Charger Steve’s Hal Nedham owned Bandit was next, and Brandy DROVE it to the show! A Charger Steve car that is also TRANSPORTATION! He is moving up in the world!
barndy and Torino
Speaking of Brandy, she and her girls posed with all the star cars. I am not sure, but I think that Torino is SMILING!

Lou and Catherine Bach

Speaking of smiling, Lou seems a bit smitten with Daisy Duke as well!
Paul held court around his BTTF Delorian and took a lot of photos of his car…. with new decorations inside!

Catherine Bach was very sweet and posed with the star car owners and their cars, but she asked for the keys to the batmobile! (She’s seen a few General Lees, so I think it was just a change of pace for her!)

Nate Truman and Catherine Bach

Nate Truman and Catherine Bach

Next to the Bat was “Mike and son’s” TOWMATER truck!
tow mater

Obi Shawn got a new battery and the H-Wing was back on the road with Star Car Central crew!

obi shawn

He is always being attacked by hot girls with light sabers.

yoda and Obi Shawn
Luckily he keeps Yoda nearby.

Hey is that Richard Petty behind the wheel?

Hey is that Richard Petty behind the wheel?

Next was a spot on replica of Richard Petty’s famous racing car…. with Richard at the wheel!

brian with remote

Brian debuted his ROBO-HERBIE with all his new tricks, and had fun all day teasing fans, squirting water on kids, and wagging his antenna. I have never seen Brian smile so much!

Well, there was that time later at the restaurant, where he smiled for a fan’s camera! He practically INHALED his french fries….
brian french fry

After the show, most of us drove up PCH to oceanside, enjoying the sunset with perfect weather. (Well, I was enjoying the sunset, Brian was “peeing” on passerbys with his new water shooter…) We caused quite a comotion when we pulled into the little diner to have some dinner at the end of the day.

star car dinner
After dinner Brian Lou and I had fun passing each other with our cars, three across on the 5 freeway with Starsky and Hutch, Herbie and the Batmobile is just really cool! Thanks go to Charger Steve for a fun show, we shall see if he wants to do all of that again!

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