Oct 3rd Montebellow Fall Festival has a Star Car Connection – MAGNUM P.I.!

Montebello Fall Festival is held on the first Saturday in October; in the Downtown District of Montebello on Whittier Boulevard between Montebello & 4th Streets. Saturday, October 3, 2009 was the 4th Annual Montebello Fall Festival.

The Festival attracts approximately 4,500 people and this year StarCarCentral.com brought their starcars. The famous TV and movie cars were front and center down the middle of the street! The Fair is a joint effort between the City of Montebello and the Montebello Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the Montebello Fall Festival is to promote Downtown Montebello; to bring exposure to the organizations and businesses that participate in the event; and above all, to create community spirit by offering an afternoon of “Family, Food and Fun” to the residents of Montebello.

So how do you get such a great group of Star Cars to show up? Easy, be married to a great guy like Oscar aka “Magnum P.I.” and say you will have lots of doughnuts!


StarCarCentral.com lineup down the center of the street fair! STANTIONS! All the way around! How about that?!


All the owners (Lou, Jerry, Sue, Paul, Oscar and Alex) could actually relax, as the cars were protected for a change from the random person who just doesn’t know how to keep their hands off other people’s cars! No, you should not touch, lean on, get in someone elses car, sit on the hood, put your hands all over the fender, or break off a piece for a keep sake. Yes, all that has happened. NEVER LEAN on someones star car! EVER!!!





LUIS! What did I just say!?!? Good grief! You notice Luis is NOT leaning against KITT?!? I think Alex will have to consider letting Jennifer do his KITT watching in the future… Paul found him later trying to pry off the flux capacitor…. 🙂
Maxwell Smart stands guard, on a great set of famous cars!

So Oscar really is Magnum P.I. as he managed to hijack my club to his fun event, just like Magnum used Master Robbins house and Ferrari! But he did buy doughnuts, and show the guys a good time, while I was ALL ALONE at my home church show for the Marines!
Next year, I will have trouble prying the owners away from this event! Heck, I may be there instead….

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