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10-4 Parade 2009 Hollywood Blvd. Star Car Holy Batmobile and Crime Fighter Crew!

10-4 Police cars and Star cars outside KODAK Theater

10-4 Police cars and Star cars outside KODAK Theater

10-4-2009 was the day of the annual 10-4 day, “10-4”, police event celebrated with a
police motorcade of many classic restored vintage police cars driving
code-3 (full red lights and sirens on).

For a change the POLICE were escorted by STARCARCENTRAL.COM members! Included in the motorcade were on duty uniformed Police Officers, and in service CHP and
LAPD police squad cars, police motorcycles units and many mebers of the cast of the TV show”CHiP’s.” The cars gathered at Fire Station #27 in Hollywood. From there we blazed down the streets through red lights where the parade ended in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Threatre and the Academy Awards Theater. At that point the LAPD and the CHP had all of the local streets blocked off in advance. Once we all arrived and stopped though, the crowds filled the streets, and thousands of photos where taken in just a few minutes!

A few fans surround the Batmobile and Get Smart cars!

A few fans surround the Batmobile and Get Smart cars!

natman and batman! (NOT Scott BTW)

natman and batman! (NOT Scott BTW)

All the costumed heros came out on the street, and of course there were a few Batmen, and a catwoman who gravitated to the Batmobile!
hollywood blvd star cars
Once we stopped, the people flooded the streets to get up close and personal with us and the famous cars!

10-4 day, is a day to commend all
of the Los Angeles County area law enforcement agencies for the hard work
they all perform. This annual event is put on by City of Los Angeles, City
of L.A. Councilman Tom LaBonge, along with the CHP, and the LAPD, and many
other law enforcement agencies. Art Gilmore, who is now 97 years old was the guest of honor. He was an actor, and also announcer, on many old
police T.V series such as; Adam-12, Dragnet, and The Highway Patrol, and

Speaker Nate Truman at 10-4 day Speaker Nate Truman at 10-4 day

10-4 Day Historic Police car drive 2009 00910-4 Day Historic Police car drive 2009 01910-4 Day Historic Police car drive 2009 044 Gang support 10-4 day for second year! Gang support 10-4 day for second year!

Thanks to all the SCC members for taking the day to come support the men and women in uniform! Mark “Adam-12” didn’t get in our group shot, but he was busy getting everyone lined up! SCC roll call in the photo:
Vic and Dana aka the Blues Bros., Jerry “Herbie”, Nate “Natemobile”, Sue “Get Smart”, Paul and Reba BTTF Delorian, Alex “KITT” and Oscar “Magnum P.I.” thanks for all being part of a fun and cool event! Thanks also to all the police car owners and drivers! It was great to see all of them in one place. Gary Goltz debuted his Buick (Looks great, Gary!) all of Barry’s cars, (Especially Robocop!) all the bikers and stars hats off to all who gave of their time.
This is ‘s second year participating in the 10-4 parade. Below is the video from the first time around, when Dave “Bullit” Kunz, Lou “Starsky and Hutch” Cicciari and Paul “Mad Max” Miller raced down Hollywood blvd.

10-4 Day in Hollywood

Fictional cop cars take over Hollywood Blvd. 10-4.

Vintage law-enforcement cars from classic TV shows and movies will be the stars this Saturday morning at a Hollywood and Highland gathering near Broderick Crawfords star on the Walk of Fame.

The event is the brainchild of Gary Goltz, who thinks every baby boomer probably feels the way he did about the original “Highway Patrol” TV show, in which Crawford portrayed Mathews.
A caravan of TV and movie law enforcement vehicles joined the parade, including several vintage “Adam-12” cars, the “Starsky & Hutch” Gran Torino and the “Bullitt” Mustang.


Oct 3rd Montebellow Fall Festival has a Star Car Connection – MAGNUM P.I.!

Montebello Fall Festival is held on the first Saturday in October; in the Downtown District of Montebello on Whittier Boulevard between Montebello & 4th Streets. Saturday, October 3, 2009 was the 4th Annual Montebello Fall Festival.

The Festival attracts approximately 4,500 people and this year brought their starcars. The famous TV and movie cars were front and center down the middle of the street! The Fair is a joint effort between the City of Montebello and the Montebello Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the Montebello Fall Festival is to promote Downtown Montebello; to bring exposure to the organizations and businesses that participate in the event; and above all, to create community spirit by offering an afternoon of “Family, Food and Fun” to the residents of Montebello.

So how do you get such a great group of Star Cars to show up? Easy, be married to a great guy like Oscar aka “Magnum P.I.” and say you will have lots of doughnuts!

DSCN1920 lineup down the center of the street fair! STANTIONS! All the way around! How about that?!


All the owners (Lou, Jerry, Sue, Paul, Oscar and Alex) could actually relax, as the cars were protected for a change from the random person who just doesn’t know how to keep their hands off other people’s cars! No, you should not touch, lean on, get in someone elses car, sit on the hood, put your hands all over the fender, or break off a piece for a keep sake. Yes, all that has happened. NEVER LEAN on someones star car! EVER!!!





LUIS! What did I just say!?!? Good grief! You notice Luis is NOT leaning against KITT?!? I think Alex will have to consider letting Jennifer do his KITT watching in the future… Paul found him later trying to pry off the flux capacitor…. 🙂
Maxwell Smart stands guard, on a great set of famous cars!

So Oscar really is Magnum P.I. as he managed to hijack my club to his fun event, just like Magnum used Master Robbins house and Ferrari! But he did buy doughnuts, and show the guys a good time, while I was ALL ALONE at my home church show for the Marines!
Next year, I will have trouble prying the owners away from this event! Heck, I may be there instead….

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